Ladies and Gentleman, my 100th post is soon approaching and I’m following in Kim’s footsteps by honoring my milestone with a giveaway. Not sure what is in store for the lucky winner but there will most definitely be a prize. But wait till the 100th post! lol

Brekkie today was a quick Strawberry Chobani, although i really wanted a bagel with creamcheese – I MUST BEHAVE…cause i just found out Im having dinner with Ms. Cifuentes afterwork! yahoo! Girls Night! Then I have a date with Dirty laundry (3 wks worth!)

Today for lunch, I’m Kickin’ it Old School!

Peanut Butter and Jelly! Only because I ran out of Turkey and Peanut Butter and Cheese is not something I would try. I have plenty of Peanut Butter and Jelly so thats what I made. I immediately think of that annoying club song “Peanut Butter jelly time” It wont get out of my head. 😦

I also got some pretzels to nosh on. anyone ever try peanut butter filled pretzels??? ooh la la.

And then I thought my PB and J was a lil boring so i cut up a lonely banana and brought it over to play. this should make for some good ol school lunching… like back in the day when we would take school trips and each out of brown paper bags!
I got some grapes too!
Stay tuned later today for a PoPChips Product review!

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