In a few day I will be hopping a flight to Texas for the APLS Conference and won’t be seeing my family or friends for like 5 days, so we decided to have a big dinner at Sofrito. Sofrito is an upscale restaurant on East 57th and 1st Ave and they serve Puerto Rican Cuisine… Prepare yourselves for culinary porn… Here is the best sangria I have ever had! I beleive their secret lies within a bottle of Blackberry Brandy and some triple sec in a good sweet red… We each had 3 glasses of this lovely stuff.

The wait for for one whole hour so when we sat down we immediately decided to order an appetizer. I was glad i had my camera with me. This platter was amazing! It was chicharones de pollo y pernil (fried chunks of chicken and pork), fried shrip, fried calamari, tostones de mariscos, carne, pollo, y pulpo. (fried plantains served with shrimp, beef, chicken, and octopus. sooo good!
My momma and poppa… we were all smiles till we found out the appetizer was $60. So glad we took a photo of that one because we will NEVER order that one again.
My friend Dan and his wife Nechama. It was her birthday last week so we were all secretly planning an embarrassing birthday cake for dessert.
Me and the boy! He has a face! Ladies and Gents, this Be Henritos.
Me and Nechama acting like seafood bandits…we attacked the mariscos hard core.
Then my entree arrived. This is what a $25 paella looks like. Its HUGE. Its loaded. Its mine. And pretty much the best entre on the friggin menu.
Paella is safron rice with peas, chorizo, mussels, clams, lobster, and chicken along with some sliced red peppers. I had so much food in my bowl that I was giving away stuff. Henry helped me eat it by loving reaching over for rice πŸ™‚
Dan got the fried pork chops. He loved it. I didnt try it but everyone else did. They said it was crisp on the outside and extremly juicy on the inside. and of course it was expertly seasoned.
Dad had the Roast Pork (aka Pernil) which had a crisp skin and juicy dark meat inside. Served with a side of arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) and platano maduros (sweet plantains)
Mom and Nechama got the stuffed Red Snapper. Nechama’s worst fear was that her fish would be looking at her…but it was so good she didnt even care! It was stuffed with calamari and shrimp. (Dan poked out the eyes when she was done- gross)
Henry got a shrimp scampi of sorts with garlic spinach. He enjoyed it but LOVED the paella. He plans on getting the paella next time…
Then while we were eating, Henry told the waiter it was Nechama’s Birthday (its tradition for us to go to Sofrito to Celebrate a Birthday and we were happy there was an actual birthday!) so the waiter replied with “Congrats Man, I will bring your table two desserts on the house” Doesnt that mean FREE???
Right, the waiter claims to have said he will bring two of the best desserts of the house… which is very slick in my opinion. He didnt even ask what we wanted and just brought over two desserts. Tres Leches cake (on the right) and flan (on the left). Both were good but the flan was hands down the best.
After dinner Henry surprised me and took me to the rooftop garden on 5th ave. They gave us robes and blankets while we sat in the moonlight with a gorgeous backdrop.
We were given warm red robes to keep warm with blankets and had big mugs of smokin hot spiked ciders! They were delicious and hit the spot.
Dan and Nechama reported they felt like a part of a secret red robe society or a Harry Potter event.
I had a big irish coffee and Henry had a Makers Mark with maple syrup.