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Missy was interviewed yesterday and randomly selected two readers to be interviewed by her. She chose me! Woo! So here’s our interview:

1) What is your favorite meal to cook and why?
I would have to say Frittata. Its Quick and super easy to make. Its delicious and I can have it every day and it will always be different. There are at least 5 different frittatas on my blog and I still have tons more to post! And it sounds fancy.

2) What would your last meal be if you had one choice?
If I had one last meal…Probably sushi. I love sushi and its a fairly new love. My first piece of sushi was when i was 20 years old. I think it was love at first bite. My favorite roll is Salmon Avocado or Tuna Avocado. Great, now I want some sushi!

3) Do you have any hidden talents?
Hmm. As of late, I have become a novice tap dancer. I have months of experience and take a class with ladies that have been tapping for 3 years. So I think that tapping can be a talent…I’m still learning though. Im also very crafty. I crochet, paint, cook (duh) and write short stories for the fun of it. And I have an amazing talent of turning molehills into mountains.

4) Why did you decide to start your blog?
I was a big fan of killing time at work and looking like i was actually working. A coworker sent me a link to Lunch Studio and from there I started reading tons of blogs. At some point I couldnt get enough and was having all these ideas so i started my own!

5) What is your favorite new food that you have discovered through blogging?
OMG Tofu! It started with Korean Tofu! Then when I wanted to try it at home for myself, tofu was on sale so i stocked up. There is tofu in my fridge as we speak. I love how you can make it anything you want..kind of like chicken but not really. You cant put chicken in a smoothie like you can with tofu. tofu rocks!

6) If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
My great grandmother. She was 100 or so when she passed away and I have one picture of her holding me. She was a bonafide italian diva and she was an amazing cook. If I could meet her I would want to cook with her and learn her secrets. my grannie did a good job passing down the recipes but im sure there were a few things grannie never knew about! Id want to talk her head off and sneak shots of sambuca while she wasnt looking.

7) What would your ultimate breakfast, lunch, and dinner be if calories didn’t count?
See Michael Phelps diet…just kiddingBreakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, and cinnamon chip pancakes. DINER style and a triple venti caramel macchiatoSnack: kit katLunch: Chicago Classic, deep dish pizza from UNOsSnack: Cappuccino cupcake from CrumbsDinner: Spider roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, and spicy tuna roll…. damn those spicy mayo rolls! Dessert: waffle ice cream from Max Brenner Now see

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SnowDay Yesterday:

So, as some of you already know, it was snowing yesterday. I took this pic waiting for the train. I tried to get more but by that time the streets were all muddy and the beautiful white blanket I woke up to was brown. Got to work and really really wanted a bagel but i resisted the tempation and had my Blueberry Chobani with some Special K Chocolate Delight. I ate it and was satisfied!Score!Lunch time was the ever predictable and delectable turkey sandwich. Boring but so yummy. Thats a good bite right there! A good bite! NOM! I got a different bread this week and I am absolultely in love with it. Its Arnolds Healthy Multigrain. Its got like 5 grams of fiber per serving but has a delightful sweet taste to the bread that makes my mouth have a party when I crunch into my lettuce and turkey sammie. Cant wait to tear into that later. And I noshed on some cucumbers dipped in Fat Free ranch Dressing. It was like having cold chips. I was stuffed afterwards but sad that i am out of cucumbers. I am not grocery shopping till next week because I will be out of town for a few days. No sense in letting food sit in the fridge forever… ya know?

I came home to some treats! Hooray for cliff bars! I was hoping to get a Z bar to try but I ate the luna bar today and am very happy with it. I am going to Trader Joes later today to ransack the place for some cliff bars… OMG I hear there is a PB one… Drooling.

And the lovely people at ChocoLove sent me these two exotic and yummy bars to try. I managed a square of each and was wowed! I will conduct a full review when I decide if im going to make someting with them…or just eat them.