Upon the reccomendation of a co-worker and a Midtown Lunch Post, I decided to try out Farinella’s on Broadway and Worth Street today.
Its a little Pizzeria thats in a location that has not had the best luck with past owners. I hope this changes!
Its thin crust pizza. The prices range from $2 – $3.50 per slice and upon first glance I might have fallen in love… now for the bite.
This is the Margherite Slice. Its tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella.

See how thin the crust is? Its thin but flavorful with a great crunch. I love their tomato sauce. This is a simple combination but a classic in my opinion!

Next, I tried the Proscuitto and Mozarella.

Didnt love it. It reminded me of a Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Nothing wrong with H&C sammies… but i was looking for pizza.
Overall, I spent $6.50 on two super thin slices of pizza. I loved the thin crust. I hear the Funghi slice is great too but my gripe… they served these COLD! And forget about microwaving a slice it ruins the crust. So if you like cold pizza… or dont mind soggy microwaved pizza you might fall in love.
So to satisfy an issue I had with my lunch I had a luna bar. This one was bluberry.
I loved it. I cant wait to find some! I spotted a Dulce De Leche one on the net… might have to order some.

And I might have opened my chocolate to smell… and bite.

Just as I thought. they both smelled like Chocolate. And because they smelled like chocolate they wanted to be bitten.
I tasted them each and love them. I cant wait to review these!
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