Oh my, I am on my 95th post… I will be hosting a giveaway in 5 more posts!!!
Just as a teaser, Holey Donuts will be sponsoring the giveaway… are you excited?? You should be.
Today is my last day at the office before my trip to Texas. I will be going to the APLS Conference in San Antonio to rub elbows with some of the Country’s most well-known Psychologists! So not only am I a super cute blogger, I’m a budding Psychologist. šŸ™‚
With all the packing I did last night I neglected to prepare my meals for today but all was not lost when I remembered Starbucks started a new special… Not sure if it started yet though because I just threw my Starbucks Gold Card at the lady to punch in on time. Tall pike Place with a breakfast sammie is $3.95. Not bad!

If only they could make the reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich taste better. I think it would taste much better with a slice of Canadian bacon in there… at least that tastes like bacon. The “bacon” in this sandwich reminds me of the Veggie Bacon I tried when I was in high School and wanting to become a vegetarian (all because Peta send me a magazine on the treatment of chickens) Note that I am NOT a vegetarian because the “bacon” I cooked traumatized me. The bacon in this sandwich is freaking nasty. So I took it out and ate an english muffin with egg and cheese.
Coffee, NEVER disappoints…well almost never.

So last night I met up with the Dog to give him some bread goop and he gave me some awesome pretzels to make pretzel chicken and some popcorn that I cant wait to try!
While in the neighborhood (union square-ish) I decided to stock up on some desserts to bring to mom’s house so I could say TTFN before I leave to Texas.
First stop: Beard Papa’s on Broadway and 8th for some cream puffs.
I never tried the Eclair so when I saw it I had to have it.

This one is Momma’s (I got one for daddy-o too)
Beard Papa’s is so good because their pastries are filled to order. The second after you order it, they pull a puff pasty shell out of the case and pump fresh delicious vanilla (or green tea, or chocolate) into it and sprinkle it with confectioners sugar. When you bite into it, its not soggy. Its crisp puff pastry with a lovely vanilla custard thats the perfect amount of sweetness. Its heavenly. They are best enjoyed within hours of purchase otherwise they get soggy.

A few blocks away was Crumbs . The Mecca. The kryptonite to my willpower. (they have a new cupcake! The Baba Boey… peanut butter cream frosting on chocolate cake!) I bought a cupcake for my brother. He’s a stinker but I still love him. I know hes a big fan of chocolate and loves oreos so I got him the Oreo cupcake. It was the size of my hand.

I might have taken a bit of frosting to taste… to see if it was safe to eat. When he got home he gave me a hug and took the cupcake to his room. And he didnt utter another word. See, a Pure Stinker!
And I know I SWORE I would never eat a Red Velvet cupcake again…I bought one. But I claimed to have bought it for Henry. Its still in my fridge as we speak. (I saw an episode of Food Detectives recently on how they make food coloring and if you love red velvet cake… dont watch it)


Mom Made me dinner too. Salmon with baked potato, and broccoli. Good Job Momma…. it was really good!

At work today I noticed a swarm of people gathering in my hallway and then I opened my email:
“David made fudge again…its in the usual place”

So I swiped one of each. The one on the left is a mint milk chocolate fudge with marshmallows. it was tasty but the true OMG THIS IS SO GOOD one is the devils food cake topped with dark chocolate fudge and marshmallows. Ay Dios Mio, que delicioso!

See? a crowd! And it got worse but someone noticed I took a pic and I didnt want to explain why. LOL. they all stood there till every chocolatey morsel was gone.
Was supposed to meet someone for lunch today and he cancelled… so Im solo for lunch. Might have a good ol vietnamese sammie or some street meat… wait- I need to get to Texas alive tomorrow so i will skip the street meat.