Upon the recommendation of two fellow conference peeps, who had a rental car, we decided to head out of town to a kitschy lil spot that was a tribute to Pulp Fiction! It was called The Broadway 50/50.

We walked in and were ambushed by an overwhelming stench of stale cigars and cigarettes. We forgot we were not in Kansas anymore and everybody in Texas smokes. It was late, we were hungry, and decided to bear the stench and go for the sole experience of it all.

I wanted another Texas Beer so I went for a Lone Star Light. I have had Lone Star in some Country dives in NY but never had the light. It was ice cold, refreshing, and helped take my mind off of my burning eye balls from the smoke in the air.

The menu was inspired by characters from the movie. There was the Big Kahuna that was enticing to me but was fearful that my belly would get mad at me. It was a beef patty with swiss cheese and mushrooms topped with mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato. Then I spotted the Royale with cheese and was going to get it for namesake alone…and that’s just silly. When I saw the Vincent Vega it practically called my name. An all beef patty with homemade guacamole on top served with shoestring French fries. It was difficult to photograph but I think you get the idea I was trying to get at.

I loved that the patty was rectangular! But this was One Serious Burger. I am starting to feel like I’m on a Beef Overload diet… I need some good old grilled tofu when I get home to detox! Anyway we ate our lovely burgers and inhaled our second hand smoke and headed back to the hotel. I find myself Exhausted ALL the Time in Texas. I think its from the lack of nutrients in my body…or all the beef floating around in my belly.

When we got back to the hotel, we hit up the bar. I didnt know what I wanted until I spotted several people sipping some pretty tasty looking margaritas. Now, Im not a big fan of tequila and its magical powers but I was really tempted to give this thing a whirl. I was in love. It was the perfect mix of lime, lemon, and orange with good tequila. I was so smitten by my drink that I took it to my room and told everyone I was going to make love to it…and by make love to it I mean drink it.


Tina is giving a talk to day and to mentally prepare we stood in our room for most of the morning and ordered room service.

Feeling the effects of eating too much beef, I opted for some fresh fruit and hot cereal.

It was so yummy. The only thing I really didnt care too much for was the grapefruit. Its so bittter and no matter how many times I psych myself out into eating it and thinking its sweet…that pucker factor gets me. and it gets me good. *gag*

Ah, Grits. Its a sin to go to Texas and NOT have grits. I make instant Grits here in NYC and Im sure its blasphemy to even request it in Texas but now that I have had the original kind I should just say – OH MY were those grits tasty. They were creamy and buttery and I was glad to have that in my belly as opposed to half a baby cow.

We noticed that a lot of places are closed on the weekends and around lunch stumbled across this deli that offered a sandwich combo with chips and soda for $3.99. Turkey and Cheese Please!

Coffee Status: The Starbucks spot is closed on the weekends. I will never have a good cup of coffee in Texas… NEVER.