At the end of Day 3, the entire John Jay College gang had a party at the Iron Cactus complete with free appetizers, karaoke and $11 margaritas. I, being so preoccupied with what I was going to sing, left my camera at the hotel and camera photos were too dark. So just know that I sucked major karaoke notes with my rendition of Like a Virgin which might as well have been the National Anthem because it was so lame.

Day 4
On our last day we had some time to kill before the flight home so we went to see the ALAMO.

But first, we needed some grub. Nothing is open on Sundays in Texas but when we saw this place we were happy! Tina stopped dead in her tracks and inhaled “I think I smell food!” and it lead up to G/M’s Steak House. There was a long line when we got there. This place has some serious history!
I got two fried eggs, bacon, and a biscuit!
And of course a side of grits.
It was quite a bit of food but we weren’t expecting to eat until it was time to fly.
Some Scenic Pics from the ALAMO. It was so beautiful there!
I might be able to moonlight as a photographer. This was a pretty flower and I had two shots of this- this one was the best.
Afterward, we walked to the Mexican Market and kicked ourselves because this place was packed with all the things we wanted to see in Texas! Restaurants that were open on the weekends! Cheap authentic Tex Mex and lots of cool lil knick-knacks.

$3 Gorditas!

Before I left Texas I HAD to have some kind of street meat and it had to be mexican. So I convinced Tina to stuff two mini taquitos into her already full stomach. But my mentality is that I would rather have a stomach ache from eating too much than to kick myself and wonder what i missed.
Eating too much was way worth it. It was loaded with fresh onions and cilantro and Chicken. I was full beyond belief but now I can say I tried some good street food.
We went back to the hotel and I said goodbye to the best margarita I have ever had. It was a good farewell…

….is very high in protein.