As you all know, I just came back from an Academic Conference in Texas. Part of my travels, i.e. plane food, have fallen short of my expectations and I was left to find other means to satisfy my cravings.
Luckily, the morning that I departed to Texas, I picked up a package from the post office that contained four bags of freeze dried fruit from Crispy Green. Awesomely enough, these are great carry-on snacks for those that travel. I immediately placed them in my carry-on bag.
The lovely Renee from Crispy Green sent me 4 kinds of freeze dried fruit; apple, pear, pineapple, and banana. I was immediately anxious to try the banana one which is not pictured below. I shared it with my friend Tina and we both agreed: That was one tasty snack.
Im going to use a rating system of apples, 3 is the highest.

The banana was crisp to bite into and became chewy in my mouth. The taste was quite pleasant.I awarded the banana THREE Apples! Banana is most certainly my favorite.
The apple was sweet and fragrant. I sprinkled this batch with some cinnamon and was in love! This was awarded THREE Apples too! Although I would still probably grab banana first – I

I managed to have the Pear variety while I was moving from one lecture to the other and I was delighted by the convenience at enjoying some fruit without getting all sticky or having to deal with disposing of the core. I loved this! The pear tasted like it was ripe and it was so sweet yet crisp. I was sad when there was no more.

Lastly, I tried the pineapple. When Pineapple is fresh I love pineapple but I didnt LOVE the dried pineapple but I certainly would eat it again. I gave it TWO Apples. I think this would taste really great atop some vanilla yogurt and granola. Or in some oatmeal.

Pros: This is one convenient snack. As Tina pointed out, when she travels she enjoys to eat healthy and a lot of times she doesnt pack fruit because it doesnt keep very well. How confident would you be about packing a banana in your suitcase and having it stay fresh and intact? I wouldn’t!
It tastes like a banana, smells likes a banana and looks like a banana….because its ALL banana! Same for all the others. I love that the ingredients are everything that you see in the bag. If you are munching on apples, the ingredients are APPLES. AWESOME
Its Low in Calories! One packet of fruit will run you less than 50 calories!

Cons: Its gone before you know it (but thats all because its so yummy!)

Other ways to enjoy Crispy Fruit: Add it to your oatmeal, cold cereal, yogurt, ice cream, trail mix, or eat it right out of the bag!

Where can you get some Crispy Fruit? you can find out by clicking here.

Who would I recommend Crispy Fruit to? Travelers, Hikers, Students, Health Nuts, Damn Near anyone!