Can you believe it? 100 Posts ago, I began my journey as a food blogger and I have come a long way. To celebrate I am reviewing a great company and having a giveaway! YAY! When I first heard about Holey Donuts via a newsletter from Hungry Girl, I was intrigued for several reasons. First thing is, I like sweets! But I love a sweet that is low in calories and serves as a good replacement for the regular stuff! And secondly, this company won my heart over when I found out they were from Brooklyn (how I love thee!). So I surrendered my taste buds for the sake of research and am happy to tell you about my adventure.
I received these the night before I went to Texas. I was happy to be home too because these bad boys needed to be stored in the freezer!

I was photo happy because I knew that eventually, these lovelies would be in my belly.

Donut holes! Oh My Donut Heaven!

I got a slight whiff of these while i was photographing them and stowing them away… My roommate caught me with the goods and I had to threaten him to keep him away from the freezer until I returned…
AND the threat worked! Of course when i returned from Texas, roomie was on his own mini getaway!
I am going to use a rating system of Homer Simpsons because there is no other iconic donut figure that I can think of…and who doesn’t love Homer Simpson? I will be using a 1-5 scale, 1 being the worst and 5 being the BEST!
When I woke up yesterday morning I declared it a Holey Donuts Testing Day. So first thing (after I brushed my teeth of course) I made some coffee (real good NY Coffee – not like the stuff they served in Texas) and warmed up this Reduced Fat Cinnamon Bun.
5 Homers! It was the perfect amount of Cinnamon in this delightful breakfast treat. I nuked it for 30 seconds and had to nuke it for a few more seconds. This was a really good treat! I loved the way it smelled (because cinnamon is so intoxicating) and the lovely aromas wafted throughout my apartment! The icing was warn and sweet, but not overly sweet. It will definitely make a good replacement for your regular Cinnamon Buns! I should mention that these babies have “…80% less fat than a regular Cinnamon bun”… Go get one right now!

For Dessert last night I made a tasting platter. I took a bite sized piece of every single one of them and went to town!

4.5 Homers. Once warmed, this was a warm and delicious delight. The coconut was all over my sample bite and I got a nice texture from it. I am normally not a coconut fan but i was pleasantly surprised by this! I also love that the frosting tasted like it was made with real sugar (not like a fake sugary after taste kind of thing) Henry will love this one!

5 Homers! I love cinnamon! this one is the Low Fat Cinnamon Strudel and its pleasantly dusted with cinnamon and has a nice glaze underneath it. I was definitely upset that I only had a bite of this one. I anticipate the remaining 3/4 of this for dessert today… and am hoping Henry wont want a bite! this one I most def recommend!

3.5 Homers for the Vanilla Coconut -Only because I like the Toasted Coconut more. As a person that is not really a fan of coconut I would still eat this one…but i would probably want the toasted one first. If you love Vanilla and Coconut you will for sure love this! I think my mom would really like this one!

5 Homers! I love love love these donut holes! I ate only one but I can surely eat a million of these (but I wont because that would defeat the purpose) It was lightly glazed and dusted with cinnamon goodness. But there goes that bias I got going on for cinnamon! If you must get something to TRY, this should be your starter! soooo good!

4.5 Homers for a delightful raspberry Graham cracker donut that is reminiscent of a jelly donut. The jelly in this lovely gem is sweet and you can definitely taste the raspberry-ness in it. I love the topping on the donut as well! Sweet Caroline! My dad would like this! and My mom! and My Brother!

4 Homers for Coconut Cream Pie! Love the filling in this. It was a very creamy and yummy custard filling that should marry the coconut topping and have babies with it. I’m being silly. I really liked this one and think that when I place my next order I am going to go for a Boston cream kind of donut! I love the filling.

3 Homers for the Banana Cream Oreo Cookie. Before I knew what exactly this one was it appeared to be a cookies and cream one so I was expecting something different when I bit into it. It was not my favorite but it was still pretty good. I think that I would love these flavors on their own; say if the banana cream was the filling of a cinnamon powdered donut I would be in foodie heaven… or if the Oreo topping came with a vanilla cream I would love it as well. But together its just okay.

Here’s my plate of samples… Research is so daunting sometimes (*sigh*)
OVERALL: 5 HOMERS!!!!! I think you should definitely go to this website and try these babies. They are really good! I have had some healthy snacks that taste like cardboard but these donuts will fool you! They are good for you and good tasting (which is hands down the best darn thing you could ask for in a sweet!)
Kudos to Holey Donuts for sending them frozen. My first thought on these (before I opened the box) was tasting them and wanting to eat everything! Having them frozen helps them last longer and allows one to practice willpower. Excellent idea!
Who Would I recommend these to: ANYONE who loves donuts but doesnt love the calories. I honestly think that if it tastes as good as it does in the low fat version, then ALL donuts should taste this way. Who wants to spend hundreds of calories on a donut anyway?
How can you get your own Holey Donuts?
Right now, there are two ways. One way is to visit the Holey Donuts Website and place and order
you can press your luck and enter my very first giveaway sponsored by the folks at Holey Donuts! The winner of this giveaway will win 4 packs (or 2 dozen) donuts of their choice! WOO HOO! and I tasted half of them for you!
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