Good Day readers.
Today is the first day since last week that I have had the opportunity to plan my meals. I have truly missed it. There is nothing worse than not knowing what you are going to eat because you will likely pick up something at the last minute…and that is when you are starving so you grab whatever is in sight. Or you let your cravings guide you. danger! danger!
I got some Gnu Bars last night. I initially was interested in this company because their bars are ALL Natural and chocked full of fiber. The bars boast being heart healthy and good for regularity… Im not an irregular person but I’m all about the healthy stuff. Last night, I took a bite of the chocolate brownie kind and I did not like it. But I bravely gave it a second chance…
With the Orange Cranberry Bar. I waited till I was absolutely ravenous to eat it. I kept reading the packaging and seeing the word “Delicious” and felt like it was mocking me because what I tasted last night was Not Delicious.

HOWEVER, the orange cranberry bar is very tasty. Its made with real fruit juice and you can taste the quality of the ingredients. I was really glad I tried it again. I will keep an open mind for the remaining 3 flavors.

Mid-morning munch I tried some more dried fruit. The pineapple. I wish I had more banana though.

I also received some wonderful nut butters over the weekend while I was away and was in PB heaven last night as I tasted everything. Its my PB and I can stick my fingers in it if I want! 🙂

Gotta have a PB and banana sammie! I chose the Honey Roasted Cinnamon variety from Naturally Nutty. Man, this is some good PB. I havent found a Nut Butter that I didnt like! I love that it has flax seed and Hemp milk in it!

I considered putting jelly on this but why add to something that is already perfect. I hope I never get sick of Peanut Butter. Its so good!
I had extra banana so i smeared some PB on it and ate it. I have noticed now that I have more PB in my diet that I am more satisfied. Gotta love that protein!

I have paired my sammie with a bag of Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla chips! I cant wait!

Turn your head to see my afternoon snack. Can you have a PB overdose? Only one way to findout! Apple with Justin’s Nut Butter Organic Honey Peanut Butter.

For dinner tonight I am joining my favorite couple Dan and Nechama for some spanish food at Tu Casa! YUM!

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