Sarah, from Mom on the Run, and I have a passion for getting kids to eat and drink the right things without sacrificing their right for good flavors. And us grown-ups like to try these things too!
We found this great company that has created a great product. Its all organic, all Natural and is going green to help reduce waste…and its GREAT TASTING! Flavrz Drink Mix has become my new favorite bevvy at home.

I got the Cherry Berry drink Mix and I couldn’t wait to try it! I personally refrain from juice because I don’t like to drink calories- i would rather spend 100 calories on a bag of PopChips. But this drink mix is concentrated so you can make it however sweet or not sweet you want it and I love that! I also love that it comes in a glass bottle because we could all afford to be environmentally friendly every now and again!

I added two tablespoon of drink mix to 12 ounces of water. It was refreshing! And I didnt feel guilty drinking it. I even added a tbsp to my sports water bottle for a hint of fruit to my water. I love this stuff!

Can I give it points for pretty colors? I did anyway! Although I have only tried the Cherry Berry- i enjoyed this beverage tremendously and i cant wait to try the other flavors available!
Here is what I love about this product. The ingredient list. Everything on there is easily read and I know every single thing that is in it! Of Course a mom would create this- its genius! And the calorie content is great or almost non-existent.
If you have kids you should definitely get this for them. Its deliciously refreshing and not loaded with sugar like other drinks out there. Its organic and environment- friendly. I couldn’t ask for more in a beverage. You can get your Flavrz fix by ordering online or finding a store near you.
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