Dan and Nechama were craving spanish cuisine and invited me and Henry to join them. The original plan was to go to Tu Casa for some grub but Henry wanted to take us to a Cuban place. So we gave him full reign to pick the dinner location….and the place he picked was closed. So he chose another spot and I thought it looked “dumpy” so we all decided to say yes to Tequila Sunrise on Northern Boulevard.

We were so hungry. They served us warm Tortilla chips and the most amazing salsa I have ever tasted at a restaurant. They filled our chips twice… we were so hungry!

Then Henry described this cheese appetizer to me that was studded with mushrooms, chorizo and peppers. I LOVE cheese especially when they serve it oozing out of a bowl and into some tortillas. I said yes immediately! Did realize it was so big though. This could have been my dinner alone.

Dan and Nechama got Quesadillas. I would have gotten this just for the guac and sour cream.

And I was torn about what to order so i passed my menu to Henry and told him to order me anything but beef. So when this huge plate of seasoned Pork came, i was happy. It was a huge plate of food and I kicked myself for letting him get an appetizer.

And as is the custom of all Mexican Restaurants, they served everyone a side of yellow rice and refried beans. I was stuffed. I nibbled on this because my stomach was full of CHEESE. If you are keeping track, when i was in Texas last week I ate my weight in beef and vowed to stay away from it for a while…. now cheese is on that list!

That’s a mountain of Pork.

Henry got the beef dish. It was like a stewed beef with a tomato sauce. When he took a call I snatched a taste. It was really good!

Overall, the place was nice but I think I was really hungry and food always tastes good when you are starving. They made terrible mojitos… so would i go back? Probably Not.

For brekkie these days I have been enjoying energy bars. I keep a few in my purse because you never know. And Im glad because I forgot breakfast yesterday and Clif saved my life… Clif bar that is.

I had the oatmeal raisin walnut bar.

Tastes like the Best oatmeal Cookie that has ever graced my lips. It was cinnamon-y, soft, chewy, and had delightful chunks of oatmeal, walnuts and random oats. I loved this one!

I had packed a nice Almond Butter sandwich but dad called with an invite to lunch. I said Of Course.

The place: Spaghetti Western in lower Manhattan. I usually get salads when I go there because they are huge and so good. But when I got the menu i noticed the special pizza of the day and I decided to ditch my salad. I mean, c’mon, its a special! It wont be there next time!

Broccoli Rabe, roasted Tomatoes, Sweet italian sausage on a whole wheat crust.

I hate 3/4 of the pizza. 😦 but it was sooooo worth it. I will say that after eating this monstrous pizza, I was snack free for the rest of the day! And my dinner was non-existent.

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