When packages come for me I am almost certain they are food related. I get very happy. When I opened the box from Kernel Seasons I got overwhelmed with excitement.

Whats a girl to do? One might ask such a question. And if you know me you will know that if given too many options I am likely to take FOREVER to choose! But I didnt fret. This box of goodies prompted me to buy a popcorn maker because my first attempt at stove top popcorn was a disaster. So for $10 I got a small popcorn maker that is user friendly and convenient. In 4 minutes I had freshly popped pop corn. I invited Henry over to watch a movie with me (we ended up watching Lock Up: Raw)

So, once you pop your popcorn, via stove top, microwave, or machine, spray it with some non stick cooking spray.

I figured since they enclosed a spray in the box that I would use this as my adhesive for the popcorn.

Henry gave the selection a once over and picked sour cream and onion (I didnt want something savory) so I made two batches of popcorn. He wanted extra seasoning so i used a cap full… this didnt need a cap full… But I thought it was really good.

I was in search of something sweet and came upon the Chocolate marshmallow variety. OMG! it was incredibly delicious! I didnt use a cap full… maybe three good shakes of the bottle and when I got the end I..um.. licked the bowl. *shrug* Don’t act likes its just me people!

Since Movie night, I have also tried (upon the shoving and nagging of the boyfriend) the kettle corn, the Ranch, and the apple cinnamon.

Sarah is coming to raid my cabinets and I will let her take a few off my hands.

I really love these seasonings! My little popcorn girl give these 10 enthusiastic points! (thats the highest because she only has ten fingers) They are low in calories. A sprinkle of this stuff is 5 calories. FIVE! thats amazing! And the are versatile. You dont have to use these on JUST popcorn!
The Ranch would go great on some hot veggies! Imagine sprinkling some ranch on head of roasted cauliflower! oh my!

Or a sprinkling of chocolate marshmallow on some hot oatmeal. SWOON!

i sprinkled the Kettle corn flavor on a banana. I’m in love.
And I just sprinkled a bit of the apple cinnamon on my PB and Banana sammie…Good stuff!

I also love its size! As you have already seen, a bottle of steak sauce made it into my purse, these babies are so much smaller and perfect to carry to the movie theatre. SKIP the butter and bring these!!!
I recommend these! They rock!