So sorry in advance for the quality of the photos. I am coming back here in a few days but couldnt resist taking crummy camera phone pics.
Mom and dad came to my hood for some dinner and I never say no when the choice is Tu Casa. In a few short days Carol, Sarah, Heather, Lauren, and Emily, are coming to NYC and we are all gonna hang… Mo Diva Style.
Back in October, Carol came to party with me for a few days and on the first day I took her to this place and for the remainder of her stay we ate here. Its a small and quaint place that has built quite a reputation for itself and has since expanded into a new and bigger facility (and still expanding). Prices have gone up $2 per dish but its still an affordable and Unique meal that will surely please all!
So, I am taking those ladies to this place next week! Get ready!

When it comes to Tu Casa, I have tried nearly everything. Its always good and it reminds me of when mom used to cook hearty spanish dishes for supper! The above is “pernil con arroz moro“, roast pork with rice and black beans (like dirty rice). The pork is always juicy and the rice is always cooked to perfection. This dish used to be $8.99 but now its $10.99. You know what… its good- and worth the price!

To accompany our meal, mom ordered a plate of tostones, or plantains, or fried green bananas.

Other people enjoy the sweet plantain, or maduros, but we live for the savory in our family. I drizzled mine with a spicy green sauce which they are known for at Tu Casa. Mom claimed hers were “Cold” but they were literally “warm”. We are dramatic in our family – Sorry Mom i thought they were great!

Mom and dad got the same dish, Bistec Encebollado, or Steak with onions. I tried it and was a big fan of the onions. I stole moms onions and she stole my roast pork. 🙂

Her dish came with yellow or white rice with beans. She chose the black beans.
As always, Dinner at Tu Casa was fantastic! I love it here. Its cheap, its half a block away from my apartment and its the best place in Kew Gardens for some Spanish food!
Come by and I will meet you for dinner!
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