‘Tis that time of that when my lovely friend Carol, AKA C.G. the Foodie comes to New York and we wreak havoc upon the foodie secrets of the Town. She is here on business with three of her students and they have become my champion eaters. I feel I have a very good idea of New York City’s little nooks and crannies and can tell you where you should eat based on how much you want to spend, what type of cuisine you want to try and what part of NYC you will be in… Carol does her homework. And she remembers when the last time she was here I recommended S’Mac… 6 months later she still remembers.
S’mac, or Sarita’s Mac and Cheese is a genius concept. Its a place where comfort food can be experienced in 4 degrees: Nosh, Major Munch, Mongo, and Partay! Their menu has changed since the last time I have been here (2007), in the sense that it has gotten better! And you can do so much more with mac and cheese (even create your own mac-delight)!

We got there at a great time! This shot was taken on our way out. But there were only 3 ladies in front of us when we got there and then after we ordered a massive crowd came in and seating was hard to find! I definitely think this place should expand (ahem, say downtown or in Queens?)!

Here is Carol, ordering her Parisienne. Its mac and cheese with brie, roasted figs, shitake mushrooms and rosemary. YUMMY! I ordered the buffalo chicken with blue cheese (i still love the cheeseburger mac best!)

I love the orange decor of this joint. Someone tell Rachael Ray about it!!

After you place your order, you get an order number and your mac gets delivered to your table. (Did you know that Sarita’s mac and cheese has Gluten Free options? – SCORE!)

And when you get your mac and cheese it comes to you creaming hot in a cast iron skillet with a rubber handle so you dont burn your hands from the over excitement.

Carol takes a CHEESY bite. We got this thing going where we discuss our ordering options and both decide on two we really like. She orders one, I order the other and we split it. That way, we get to try two for the price of one! (Did you also know that Sarita’s Mac and Cheese now has a SAMPLER where you can try EIGHT different mac and cheese’s for $16! – If the buffalo was in the selection, i would have chosen that one!)

Where is this Mac Heaven? E. 12th and 1st Ave – you can’t miss it. Its bright Orange!

What am I gonna get next time I go? I might create my own with Parmesean, Gruyere and bacon. OR. the sampler. πŸ™‚

SO after we ate the kiddos looked at us and said “What’s Next?”

And on our way to S’mac we passed a sweet belgian fries spot that I told them about. They ordered small orders at S’Mac just to have fries afterwards.

Pommes Frites on 2nd Avenue in the Village is hands down the greatest Fry Experience you will have. Their menu is simple: Belgian fries: Small, Medium, and Large. The real choice is which of the 25 dipping sauces are you going to try?

This spot is really for people that can walk with a cone of fries OR take their fries to a park and eat on a bench. There is virtually NO Seating in this place. But its worth it.

Simple interior! Always a line for some fries. In the summer the line is out the door!

And these guys work fast! I couldnt get a pic that wasn’t blurry!

As mentioned before, theres always a line, so we took out fries outside and a terrible thing happened. Our honey mustard mayo dipping sauce fell ALL OVER CAROL! and as I snapped this shot I said “Carol, I hate to see you this way… but *click* I can’t resist!”. Don’t worry, after I snapped this pic I tried to help her clean her mustard foot. Once all was said and done we enjoyed our fries. And then the kiddos asked for dessert!

And since Max Brenner was a block away I suggested it. Its not in California so they would surely enjoy a NY chocolate experience. Max Brenner is a chocolate place but they also serve food if you wanted to go there (their veggie burger makes me cry). But the dessert menu is huge. deciding on what to eat for dessert will be tiresome!

This is the suckao which is a “make your own hot chocolate” kind of thing. Its a beautiful egg shaped cup that you put a tea lite inside (to heat the chocolate) and a cup on top for hot milk. The spoon you use to mix the chocolate comes with a straw built in.

I ordered a Hot Dark Chocolate in a Hug Mug. SOO good.

Carol got a frozen mint lemonade. It smelled like a mojito!

This is the Munchies Waffles. Two mini waffles with two scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I got a dulce de leche scoop and a dark chocolate scoop. The beaker is filled with waem chocolate sauce and a lil bowl of chocolate candies.

This is the Red Heart. Its a molten chocolate cake that is drizzled with raspberry sauce. It comes with a scoop of chocolate covered ice cream and a beaker of warm chocolate sauce.

This is the Golden Heart. Its a Molten chocolate cake with caramel drizzle, a side of caramel bananas, scoop of chocolate covered ice cream, and a beaker of warm chocolate.

I love mine the mostest! I had the munchies waffles. This is a shot of my ice cream.

So there you have it! A night on the town with my Cali Peeps. They will be here till Sunday so stay tuned for more foodie delights.
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