I’m bad.
I haven’t packed my breakfast or lunch since Tuesday.
I am being lazy.
So I’m showing you what happens when I don’t plan.
Breakfast. For the first time in Months I got an order from dunkin donuts that was accurate and decent tasting! My faith has been restored in the turkey sausage egg white flat breads. And even happier to note that my Medium French Vanilla was upgraded to a Large. {{{Coffee}}}

At Lunch time, I followed some of the paralegals to a deli nearby. I wandered over to the panini section and fell in love with this beautiful thing above. The Romano. Fresh Mozzarella. Fresh Basil. Tomato. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto. and stale chips.

My panini was pure heaven. It was hot and delicous. Not heavy or greasy like most paninis. This actually tasted like a slice of pizza folded in half. The chips found a lovely home in the trash.
Tonight, I have plans with Henry for Korean… Stay tuned for pics!
And BTW, being bad today…was sooo yummy!