A few weeks ago, I have had the pleasure of opening up a package from Once Again Nut Butter with a few of their best selling nut butters to try. When I first looked at the labels I was a bit baffled as to why there was a raccoon on the label… But after reading about how the company started up I found it extremly cute why they would put the racoon on the label.

A bit of history: The company is fairly young, about 30 years. In the 80’s when they purchased an industrial building, an adandoned raccoon was always there so the company made him their mascot. How sweet!
So I got the lot of Almond, Cashew, and Organic Peanut butter.

Never having tried Almond butter, I was very excited! I hear so many great things about it and just love trying new things. Being a fan of peanut butter I had high expectations… AND I WAS RIGHT!A Righteous Thumbs up man! This Almond butter is smooth and creamy! I love its natural texture. I have been so out of the loop when it came to peanut butter. I always purchased popular brands and now that i have tasted these, I notice I was loving a PB that was loaded with preservatives and compared to this stuff doesnt really taste that great. I tossed my jar of skippy…Please note: I do not know this crazy peanut butter child. He just makes me laugh.

OMG they have CASHEW butter! wow! Amazing! I love snacking on raw cashews or dry roasted cashews so this really was going to be promising! This too was also creamy and smooth. A note about the textures. A lot of nut butters are boasting they are “creamy and smooth” but these nut butters are creamy like they were warmed in the microwave and OOZE off of your knife (or finger if you are like me and stick your fingers in jars of nut butter-I know you do it too; Don’t act like its just me)

Their organic peanut butter is tasty. But the texture is similar to the commercial Peanut Butters I have tried. I really love the taste of this though as its fresh and natural tasting compared to the crap I have been eating. I shared this with the ‘rents who love them some peanut butter.

I’M Crazy about this stuff! You know, these days I have at least one serving of nut butter because the protein keeps me satiated longer. I noticed that it has been cutting my cravings to munch in half! I have been taking home or giving away the snacks that I bring to work. Who knew??

And I know someone who would have loved them some Once Again Nut Butter…Elvis. The man who ate a fried peanut butter, bacon and banana sammie…
thank you, thank you very much.
Now, get off you booty and find yourself some Once Again Nut Butter by finding a location nearest you or ordering online.