Many moons ago, I was lucky to find a great support within the words of a great bunch of ladies. We all live across the united states but write to each other every day. These ladies know me better than some of my closest friends and relatives. We have been in touch for about 4 years. I have been lucky to get to meet these ladies face to face (and cant wait to meet all of them) and those that live close enough by, manage to arrange get togethers a good 2 or 3 times a year.

Carol, AKA C.G. the Foodie comes to NY for business once a year and its been a tradition since then to meet up and hangout.

I have been RAVING about my local spanish restaurant and convinced these girls to make a pit stop in Queens on our meeting this year.

Across from me sat Heather (A Healthier Me), Emily (Music Blog Coming Soon), and Sarah (Mom on the Run).

In My Row was Carol (Uncovering Food), Lauren (healthy-delicious), and me (food snob in really bummy gear)

As is tradition at this place, we ordered some sangria, or as Carol suggested “Spanish Fruit Juice”. It was pretty early in the evening and we had a lot of ground to cover so we each just had a glass. It was rather good! Perhaps it might have been a little strong.

Our waiter brought out some empanadas to start. I split half my chicken one with Heather and she gave me half of the beef. Not pictured is the famous green sauce that makes everything here taste like heaven.

We ordered some Tostones to go with our meal. Tostones are fried green plantains. They are savory and best when served piping hot with salt, fresh garlic, and Green sauce. They didnt give us garlic but Green sauce makes EVERYTHING better!

I, along with several other ladies ordered the Pernil con arroz Moro. While 9 times out of 10 I love this place, the day i bring visitors from out of town they mess up our orders. There was a party going on before we arrived and the cook on duty gave us burnt arroz con gandules. THIS Rican girl knows the difference between arroz moro and arroz con gandules… and I asked the Waiter to bring us fresh YELLOW Rice. Aside from that mishap everything else was delicious!!

Heather had the Entrana. Skirt Steak served with a ChimiChurri sauce and a side of yellow rice and beans. It was sooo good. I love chimichurri sauce.

One of Carol’s students ordered the Pollo Guisado, which I love! Its a tomato based chicken stew. Very Very similar, if not identical to the stew I made a while back…and the stew that I made for Mom on the Run!

At the end of dinner everyone, not wanting to waste food, piled the salvageables onto a plate and gave it to me to take home. There will be lots of creatively used leftovers in the next upcoming days. LOL.

After dinner, we made a mad dash to the city and satisfied a craving for Cupcakes. Crumbs Cupcakes! Feeling so full from dinner i bought a “small” red Velvet cupcake…when I say small I mean its a NORMAL sized one compared to the softball sized ones they serve. I split it with Lauren (she had a bite).

We did some walking around and called it a night when I started taking ridiculous photos I got a 6 pack of Purple Haze and sat inside the LOVE sculpture on 54th and asked Sarah to take this pic. She tagged this photo “MoDiva at her Finest” – thanks Sarah, I love you too.
Bright and early (Like 11:30 ish) on Sunday morning, we all went to have Korean Food in Korea Town

Han Bat Came Highly recommended from one of Carol’s students.

I was excited because I was craving Korean for WEEKS!

I love the little condiments and side dishes that they serve with the meals.

I tried this Korean Pancake that tasted of potatoes and onions. It was amazing. Crunchy to bite into and soft in the center.

We also had some Jap Chae which is a plate of chicken, veggies, and seasoning over some glass noodles. This was also a favorite of mine. (I would have liked the noodles to be a little more chewy instead of Mushy- but still good)

My first life lesson came when I ordered my own Korean food. Lauren and I both ordered Bul Go Ki. The description fooled both of us. I learned a lesson when I got a steaming plate of ground beef…I usually let Henry order my food when we go to the Korean spot. And the lady told us that the plate was not large enough to share… but it was. Once again Mo is taking home other peoples food (we didnt want to offend anyone).

Carol and Heather ordered this dish and It was sooooo good. I think next time I have Korean I will be ordering one of these babies. It was delicious! A steaming clay bowl comes with rice and veggies and meat and and egg and its piping hot throughout the entire course!
After a very Filling Korean Style Brunch, we headed downtown to Peanut Butter and Co for Sarah.

PB Diva!

We were all excited because we happened to stumble upon a major deal for a sandwich and a jar of peanut butter! Who knew it would be so hard to choose a sandwich at this peanut butter place?

I scored a jar of dark chocolate Dreams Peanut butter. I stuck my finger in it… because its mine and all and was in foodie heaven. It was a slight peanut butter taste with all the love of dark chocolate in it! its an amazing combo. Tastes like Candy in a Jar. I am imagining all the possibilities….mmm raspberry jam and Chocolate PB sammie!

All sandwiches at PB & Co come with Chips and carrots. I had a hard time choosing which peanut butter I wanted to buy and decided to buy a jar that I had to have (chocolate) and get a sandwich with the runner up. The runner up was the maple pb. I got the Maple PB and Bacon sandwich…Now before you go and start gagging… know that it was a great pairing! The salt from the bacon, the sweetness from the maple and the peanut butteryness. It was great! But I think I have to go back to get the Spicy PB and Chicken sandwich…. because that sounds really really good! If one loves PB, is near NYC, and reads my blog, you should go to the PB Mecca.

It was time to say goodbye. So we all posed and tagged this pic the Bloggers. From Left to right, Lauren from Healthy-Delicious, Sarah from Mom on the Run, Heather from A healthier Me, ME! from HERE, and Carol from Uncovering Food.
I cant wait to see you girlies again!
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