I get sick of the same old thing periodically and have to revamp my menu for the week. After a week of breakfast bars and peanut butter sandwiches, I am switching it up a bit.
I got a really awesome SLEW of stuff to try over the last few weeks and in my rut I felt it was time to try them.
Platte Clove Nautrals sent me two of their granola samples. In my search for healthy eating, i am looking for things that are healthful and less processed. Platte Clove Naturals makes all of their granola by hand! This is a huge plus for me! And when i opened my Package I was very glad to see they were in a paper bag of sorts that i imagine is environmentally friendly – SUPER Kudos!

I poured myself a serving of the Maple Cranberry Granola. As you can see from this photo there a lot of goodies in this mix. It smells delightful with a slight maple scent but lots of that smell familiar to me when i open up a box of fresh granola! I couldnt help but to nibble on a little bit and will honestly admit that there is no “little bit” with this stuff. Its addicting! The clusters of granola are fused with dried craberries, pecans, sunflower seeds and YUMMYNESS. The crunch of the granola is crisp but not too hard, as with most granolas, the bite crumbles beautifully upon comsumption!
This stuff needs YOGURT!

And Wouldnt you know it! I got some Yogurt! and not just any yogurt. No.
I got Stoneyfield Farms nonfat Greek Organic Yogurt. The wonderful people at Stoneyfield Farms challenged my taste buds to try the only Organic Nonfat Greek Yogurt on the market. And when do i turn down a chance like that? Um, Never.

I got the Honey variety and Lauren Loved the Honey Chobani so I had high hopes for this Honey greek yogurt! When I opened it, the first layer was thick and creamy plain Greek yogurt. I gave it a stir and found a gorgeous layer of honey at the bottom. I stirred and stirred and might have licked my spoon once or twice…okay I licked it several times. It was damn good!
Granola, Meet Yogurt.

I sprinkled a bit of my granola onto the yogurt so I could savor the combo. But these two together tasted like heaven! I did share my granola with some officemates (Hi Karen and Andy) who really liked it but I hogged the rest of my granola serving (that i was intending to use tomorrow too). It was worth it!

Tomorrow I will try the Maple Ginger granola with my Honey Oikos. I predict another foodie victory!

Midmorning I intend to snack on these sweet babies. They are perfectly sweet and juicy! I love when you get a good orange! Any other kind of orange is just a crime!
For Lunch Im having a salad. Havent had a homemade salad in a while…

I had some Leftover steak (thanks Heather) and some Reduced fat Blue Cheese Crumbles. I threw it into a bowl, added some chopped Romaine and reached for my wonderul salad spritzer! 10 sprays – 10 calories! Im in love!

I really miss salads for lunch so hopefully this will pull me out of my rut!
Later on I intend to nosh on these beautiful babies. They are formerly known as FUN YUMS but are now Harvest of Heaven Snacks.

When I got this box from Ocean Spring I was skeptical at first. I mean… it doesnt look very appetizing but I never toss an opportunity to try something new. So I recruited the taste buds of two very curious coworkers (Hi Karen! Hi Sofia!) and we went to town. I snapped this pic becuase I knew these jars weren’t gonna last very long. Passersby grabbed handfuls and muched away. Even some asked where they could find these babies. Karen was sold and bought some! The fruits are awesome but the veggies (surprisingly) were my personal favorite. They munched like chips and satisfy salt cravings! I bought more for myself online. $3.50 a container!

Happy Snackin!