After a semi- satisfying Korean adventure last weekend, I was still feeling my craving for Korean food. So Henry picked me up and took me to our Korean Spot in Jackson Heights Queens. I have been here about 4 times and I never thought to try to find the name of this place… and last night when I did I realized i wouldn’t have remembered anyway! Its written in Korean; Not english-Korean, Straight up – no english whatsoever- Korean. When I find a translation or a way to say it in english I will share… but for now – its just the Korean Place.
And this time, I brought the good camera!

The minute we sat down they brought out the condiments. Henry and I always dig right in because I can’t look at it without eating it. Everything on the table was fantastic! Henry and i ALWAYS fight over the Baked tofu. Since I have learned how to make my own, I dont fight him too much. There were 10 little dishes on our table. Who knows where to start?

I ordered an appetizer. The one thing that I know right off the top of my head: Jap Chae. Glass noodles with scallions, beef, mushrooms, and other veggies. Its one of my favorites. We tore this dish up.
Now, if you remember… last time I ordered Bul Go Ki. I thought the description and name sounded familiar but I had it all wrong. What you see above is Pul Ko Ki. Pul Ko Ki is marinated strips of beef… not marinated ground beef that I mistakenly ordered the last time I had Vietnamese.
It was a great dinner! And super cheap! What I love most is that we got an amazingly tasty cup of tea to go with our meal! I love it! We spent $35 total for the massive feast you are looking at.

This morning I carried a bit of my Maple Ginger Granola from Platte Clove Naturals.

Believe it or not, as good as the other one is… this one is BETTER! Karen, My coworker ordered 3 of the ginger ones yesterday and when she tried them today she was happy she ordered this one. Not that the other tastes bad… this one just tastes better. I still love them both …

But once again proceeded to munch on the entire supply of granola that i brought to work. The good news is that I’m extremely full and satisfied! (thank goodness for that!)

I had my Oikos again today. i took another shot today to demonstrate the thickness of the yogurt and the lovely bit of honey down under the creamy blanket of yogurt.

I topped it off with granola again and just kept adding more and more granola till I couldnt eat anymore! I think tomorrows yogurt will have some Wild Muffin (thanks Sarah for saving me one!) crumbled on top! (stole that idea from Kath)

MMM! Best Brekkie Ever!

For Lunch I am having a veggie burger.

I love the Trader Joe brand because its affordable and is a quality product! This is as close to Indian food as Im gonna get these days so I was looking forward to trying this!

Grilled them up with a little extra Virgin Olive Oil. I let them char on each side (because thats how i like it!)

and added them to two slices of toast, a slice of cheese, and lots of lettuce. A good sammie MUST crunch!

This looks like its gonna be a very yummy lunch! I cant wait!
As a side dish for lunch Im having raw broccoli dipped in Fat free Ranch Dressing. I forgot how yummy raw veggies could be! Like snacking on chips (crunch factor) Minus all the grease and junk.

And for the ride home, I will be munching on these veggie crinkles from Lesser Evil. At first bite I really didnt like these too much but after another try I found them to be very yummy. Almost like a No Salt Cheese Doodle! Kudos for them being baked! I let Karen and Rose try them and they went online and bought the sampler pack! More on the Lesser Evil Stuff Later.
Tonight, I am having Vietnamese… and stay tuned because I am pretty sure i will have a surprise for you all tomorrow!


P.S – the surprise has nothing to do with the giveaway.