Took a timeout from yogurt today (due to the granola overdose two days in a row) and opted for a simple nutrition bar for breakfast.
I reached into my jar of snack bars and pulled out a kardea bar. I was particularly interested in these bars when i read they help lower your cholesterol. Mine is borderline high, but that is genetic, and I try to eat right to keep it out of the red zone.

I had the banana nut flavor. I will be honest, I did not love this. I found the texture to be a combination of gooey and crunchy…but not in a good way. It didnt taste too terrible… actually it was a good flavor but the texture, in my opinion is gag-inducing.
I packed a Buffalo Chicken Burger for lunch today but Jay called and said he was around for lunch. I seized the opportunity! Jay is one of my besties and I havent seen him since New Years! I know- too long!

He requested that the food be good and cheap. I work in Chinatown so that wasnt hard to come by- the question was “What are you in the Mood For?”
He said “I could go for some dumplings”
Say no more Jay. Within minutes, we were at Shanghai Cuisine on Bayard and Mulberry. They have great lunch specials for under $7 where you can get an entree with rice and soup or soda.
But First, we had to have soup dumplings. These lovelies were steamed just right and when you bit into them, you got the lovely dumpling broth to slurp up. You need a spoon and some chopsticks for these. They are definitely two or three bites per dumpling. So Jay and I had three each. *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*

I ordered the chicken with broccoli but couldnt finish it. I guess the dumplings filled me up. So I brought almost a whole order back to my desk and gave it to Rose. It was yummy though!

Jay got the cashew chicken. I spoonful ended up on my plate. So i ate it. Damn…that was good too!
With all that we ordered, our bill came out to $15. I say thats a good and cheap lunch for two people! Be warned, this place gets packed around lunch time.