The lovely people at Glaceau, the makers of Vitamin Water, informed me that they had some new products out on the market. I was curious and i always want to be on the up and up! So I welcomed a lovely care package from them. At first glance I really didnt notice anything “New” about these products. But I was happy because all the flavors that I recognize happen to be the flavors that I love! It took the genius thinking of my roommate to point out to me that these were “diet” Vitamin Waters.

Then I saw the Cap… OOOOOOH! I get it! DOY! So, I used to LOVE Vitamin Water when i worked nights at a clothing store and used my vitamin waters to keep me going. That was way back when I could metabolize a bag of chips and a bagel with cream cheese as lunch and not suffer the consequences. And now that my 30’s are a short distance away (5 years) I am not a Vitamin Water drinker. At some point in my adult life I became very aware of caloric contents and serving sizes. And I have mentioned numerously that I do not drink my calories (unless is alcohol) so when I peeped these babies, I thought “FINALLY!”
I got sent Multi-V, XXX, Essential, and Energy. I dont have pics of the individual bottles but I loved these so much!
RAVES: Many Many Compliments! These were tasty, refreshing, and about 30 calories for the whole bottle! Thats hardly gonna put a dent in my daily intake! I really loved them! I didnt hog the entire bottle and shared servings with friends who couldnt tell the difference either (my own private focus group!) They actually were curious if these had hit the shelves yet! Score!
I definitely see myself drinking these more often now that I know I can “afford” them calorie-wise. My favorite flavor ever has got to be the XXX and its lighter version is a huge hit!
My only gripe… is the packaging. Yes, i know the NUMBER 10 is displayed clear as day but to differentiate the difference between regular and lite I think the packaging should be somewhat different. I know the colors of the labels indicate the flavor but what if they made a see through label with the color so that people would SEE the difference? Just a thought.
Overall: The Lite Version of the vitamin Waters are a huge hit in my world! I love them! And I cant wait to stock up on these for summer bike rides, hikes, and whatever else i need them for!!
Oh and I got some smart water too! It was uber refreshing and “clean” tasting. I cant describe it because water doesnt really have a taste… These babies came in handy during dance class being that they are all electolyte enhanced! And I love the bottle design!!