On Friday my best married couple invited me and Henry over for dinner but a ridiculous incident on the Whitestone prevented Henry from getting to dinner on time so it was me and the married couple.
Its been a while since someone cooked for me. When dinner is at someone elses house it means: 1. No dishes
2. No mess
3. sitting back and being served rather than serving others
4. my apt doesnt have to be spotless – cuz im at someone elses home!
Nechama, Dan’s wife, prepared a three course dinner and asked me to bring dessert. Since it was last minute I went to Crumbs and grabbed something for everyone.
First Course:
Crab Cakes with a raw sauce. Normally, I cannot eat crab because it makes me extremely ill. But Nechama made these crab cakes with some tuna and a small amount of crab. They were delicious! And I loved the raw sauce of diced red and green peppers, onions, and cilantro. I will be re-creating this masterpiece at home.
* I should note that Nechama was extremely nervous when I whipped out my camera because she knows I will be telling the world what I think of her cooking*

Next course was a salad with dill cheese, granny smith apples, spinach with a mustard vinaigrette. I loved the cheese. I loved the apples. But the dressing was too tart for me and kind of made my face pucker after sucking on a lemon or something. But I really enjoyed the other elements. (who doesn’t love apples and cheese???)

The main course was marinated Shrimp with yellow rice. The shrimp was generously seasoned with Spanish spices and herbs and was piled high on my plate. Out of all days, Today was the day that I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted! I took my leftover shrimp and rice home!

For dessert, I brought a variety of 4 cupcakes. I try to pick cupcakes for everyone because I feel like I have a gift in this department… and I think i do. I chose a cappuccino cupcake for Nechama. Despite the fact that she was full she ate this thing up and left no crumbs behind. She will be making a trip to Crumbs one of these days to try the other flavors (but the Cappuccino was a hit!)

I got Dan the Red Velvet. He ate this too and said that it was so good that even though he felt like he was about to explode from being so full that he cannot leave a bite behind. But Im not surprised by this because WHO DOESNT LOVE A RED VELVET CUPCAKE???

I got the Artie Lang for myself and a carrot cupcake for Henry.

I took a bite of the Artie Lang and left it for Dan and Nechama to enjoy. I literally could not fit another bite (I know, hell froze over!).
On Saturday, pre-tap class I opened my fridge to find the complimentary goat cheese that I got for being a blogger. Sweeeeet.

So what did I make with it?
Fritatta of course!

With a head of broccoli. For Fiber and to fill my belly before dance class.I had half of the fritatta with some toasted arnolds sandwich thins with some spray butter.

I eat mine like an open face sammy. This was good! The goat cheese was so creamy and delicious…I was tempted to eat the block of cheese with a fork – but I didnt because that would be greedy.

After dance class I thought I would try a new kind of Peanut Butter. A spicy blend with some grilled chicken! MMM! this is an actual menu item at Peanut Butter and Company and I recreated it at home.

I ate it with some Multigrain Chips from Food Should taste Good. This was a great combo… The Peanut butter was smoky and this sammy kind of tasted like a spicy version of satay. Next time I make this though, i will use less peanut butter.