I know! It was a TUESDAY! It was definitely a blog day… I was soooo busy at work. My poor coworker has strept throat so I was all over work yesterday like it was my job…oh wait, nevermind.
So A few nights ago, or whenever I posted last I brought home Vietnamese take out for me and Mr. Henritos. I love Vietnamese Food (and all other foods) but now that I live so far away from the restaurant, I probably will just save the vietnamese for lunch. It didnt travel all that well.
My lastest Vietnamese Love is the Veggie Pho. Its chock full of amazing veggies and has beautiful chunks of tofu in it. I recently found out though that the broth is still beef… If I were a vegetarian that would piss me off. But what i like best about ordering this soup fresh is the quality of the rice noodles. They got way soggy in transit. Maybe if i am traveling I will opt for egg noodles since they absorb broth slower than rice noodles.

Henry has only had ONE Vietnamese experience… thats crazy so i picked up some sides for him to try. Above is a very unappetizing photo of the Summer Roll. Its shrimp, vermicielli, mint and lettuce wrapped in rice paper and served with a peanut sauce that I love to spike with Red Chili Paste. If you can get over how this thing looks, you will like it!

And for most Vietnamese Virgins out there I always recommend the stewed beef cubes over white rice. Tender chunks of beef with caramelized onions, a yummy brown sauce over white rice with lettuce and tomatoes. The men in my life enjoy this meal most with lots of red chili sauce…I like it as is. YUM!

And Henry requested some Spring Rolls. Essentially these are mini meat eggrolls deep fried. They are best when wrapped in lettuce and dipped in garlicky fish sauce. Soo yummy but sooo over it these days.
In the morning, I realized I have exhausted all of my Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt… so I opted for some Trader Joes Fat Free Greek Yogurt. I like that I can control the quality of my yogurt.
I added just a tablespoon of honey to my yogurt. And mixed it all up. I really love eating my yogurt in the morning. Its so satisfying…
Especially when i added yummy granola to it. My bellywas full and stayed full for a while!

Around Lunch time I whipped out my Chicken Blue Cheese Burger that I made a while back. I froze them so I could enjoy them at a later date. I should really start doing that more often. I literally took out a frozen patty the night before and at lunch time I zapped it in the microwave for a minute and it was amazing. I poured lots of hot sauce on it and added lettuce for crunch. and an orange for after to cool off.

Everyone that walked by kept saying it smelled like hot wings. You know what? It totally tasted like hot wings! that reminds me! I havent made Rachael Rays buffalo Chicken Chili in Forever and I LOVE that recipe! Its officially on my to do list.

Midday I reached for my latest snack find: Baked Pretzel Flats. They are flavored with everything. Garlicky, salty, crunchy, perfect snack for midday!

Went to see my momma and look what she made me??? Spanish Chicken Stew! (Sarah, get a good look at that! Thats whats waiting for you in my Freezer!)

When I unpacked my lunch bag when I got home I remembered that my friend Jess had hooked me up with some of Chinatowns yummy dumplings! There is a spot behind my office building that makes these babies all day, they sell them frozen too! They are 5 for $1.25. She got me the Pork and Chive variety. There is one missing because I noshed on one when she gave it to me. I love dumplings but I remember putting htem away because they smelled so stinky! Stinky food at the office is a NO-NO!
Okay, I think I have officially caught up! See todays real post later on.