Seriously, I have been slacking on the recipes. Luckily while I went grocery shopping I came across some pizza dough…for $0.99! $!! OMG! How can I pass that up? Right next to the dough was peperoni, cheese, and sauce. I immediately thought up like 5 kinds of calzones. But Henry likes Peperoni so Peperoni it is.
I preheated the Oven to 425* and let the dough sit out for 30 minutes. I got the Garlic Herb dough and a whole wheat dough for a rainy day (Im thinking a pesto calzone next time)

Then I took the dough out of the bag and placed it on a floured surface (to prevent stickage). Also make sure your hands are dusted with flour too. I beat up the dough a lil…it was fun. Then using a can wrapped with celafane I rolled out the dough a little to flatten in.
And used my cooking shears to cut the dough into 4 pieces. I was attempting 8 but pieces were a little too small to work with…
I layered the sauce on a rolled out fourth.
Then added cheese to one side.
And folded in half.
make sure to seal the seams…i mde a boo boo with the first one and there was burnt cheese everywhere… but i like burnt cheese- so it was okay for me. Do what you like.
The first one looked a lil sloppy but it took sometime to get it right.
Only 3 fit on my cookie sheet. I baked these for 25 minutes.
How perdy!

I was going to freeze the leftovers… but Henry REALLY liked this dinner. He might have been a little too impressed with it. I didnt even make the dough (that would have been impressive!)

I would make this again plus a few changes:
– I would make 8 pieces in stead of 4
– I would make a small perforation on the dough so it doesnt leave a gaping hole between crust and cheese.
– I would experiment with more flavors
– add more veggies
– Maybe make pizza pinwheels instead of calzones.

Go to Trader Joes and get some dough!