Hooray! In the midst of caring for the pup I stopped looking for my camera cord and while arranging some couch pillows…i found it! So i can continue in blog-bliss while I show you the highlights of the last few days!

But first, a pic of Mickey Girl. I was making my bed and she thought it was an invitation to get on the sheets. I told her she was a silly girl and she wagged her cute little tail. She’s such a sweet girl. Everyone loves her eyes, they are light brown and she has a natural black eye liner around her eyes and Henry says she has “Doggy Lust” LOL.
Henry holds her like shes a baby…and she lets him.

Nap time in my chair (before we got her a bed)

Okay, enough family photos.
On the Saturday before Easter, Henry and I had a dinner night. I had two big lamb chops that I got on sale and was anxious to grill these up! I used some steak seasoning on one side.
And grilled them.

Seasoned side down. I cooked each side for about 4 minutes each. And started to cook the side dishes for Easter Sunday at moms house.

She requested mac and cheese and some garlic mashed potatoes. I cant give the recipe for these two dishes because they are family secrets. The last recipe I gave out, mom was a lil peeved. Whatevs!

After I seasoned the mac, I put it in a casserole dish and baked it for 20 mins.

and it was cheesy and gooey and oh so yummy. My brother who is a picky eater ate only a plate of this and nothing else… i hear he finished this off alone! LOL. score! he wont eat my moms mac and cheese.

Sadly the garlic mashed potatoes didnt taste great on Easter sunday. But here is a pic of what henry and I ate on saturday before easter.

the seasoned side of the lamb chop had a nice crust on it and was moist and juicy on the inside. I was stuffed and couldnt eat it all. But I should buy lamb chops more often!

When I told mom about the mashed potatoes she requested sweet potatoes. So I obliged and sliced some taters with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. And it was good!

Along with Moms Spiral ham. I made a glaze of spicy mustard, brown sugar, and maple syrup..and some other stuff. I love the sweet and savory stuff that is honey ham!

My plate…and I ate it all! Mom was beasting on the sweet potatoes… so an improvised side was a success!
Thats all for now kiddos. I have some work to do!