Yeah, the damn thing broke last week. I didnt think much of it but after a while it starts to hinder my daily schedule. I cant heat up my coffee in a minute anymore! Boo! I have had to toss leftovers because they waited for the microwave. Good news is that management supplied the microwave when we moved in so there should be a new one coming shortly… for free! Cha Ching!
But people ate leftovers before microwaves…it just took longer to reheat. So while Henry and Mickey played in the park (oh, those two!) I reheated dinner the old fashioned way. And it only took 45 minutes LOL. But the food was wonderfully fresh tasting… and Now there are no more leftovers. After the park, my Human dog who has really come out of her shell was being really quiet and I found her sleeping on Henry’s pajama bottoms in a chair… like a HUMAN.

I dont lie! And I did not prop her up or roll her over. she likes sleeping on her back from time to time. What a silly girl! And thanks for the advice of leaving her an article of clothing while I go to work. I left her my pajamas today in her bed and she didnt notice that I left for work. I even stayed in the hallway for a few minutes and it was silent. I just hope she doesnt go berzerk!

here’s a peek at Mickey’s Dinner today. Grilled Chicken and boiled pasta. Its a bland diet. She loves it. But Im going to start putting dry dog food in the mix and slowly wean her off the wet stuff. My girl is underweight so I gotta fatten her up!

For Breakfast today I had a ham, egg and cheese sammie from Starbucks. It was small but it was really tasty!

And Spring is here so its time for some ICED COFFEE! Im finally sleeping well again and I will be drinking NORMAL sized coffees soon!
Dad and I are going out for lunch today. I have a feeling we are going off the beaten path to try something different! Cant wait to take pics of that. I have missed blogging!