In Honor of Dad’s Birthday, I decided to take him out for some Italian fare in Little Italy. Normally, we would frequent Spaghetti Western for italian food because its closer but I wanted something nicer for Dad. His birthday was 2 weeks ago but Papa Fancy Pants was in Vegas with momma. So we got to celebrate Friday.
A lot of co-workers go to Da Nico’s for special occasions at lunch time. The portions are huge and they range from $8 to $13. Not bad for lunch. My only gripe about this place (make that two gripes) is not everyone gets the same kind of service and at dinner time expect to pay double the price for the same size dishes (WHACK!).

My entree came with a mixed green salad and a balsamic vinaiger dressing. I will note that the dressing at Spaghetti Western is delicious becuase they use an aged balsamic that looks more like a syrup…but this was sufficient.

They served us warm and soft bread. It was dense and delicious. Bread is my downfall so I had two slices and made myself stop. I really wanted to enjoy my lunch considering dinner was probably going to be cereal.

I usually order the carbonara but was afraid the dairy might make for a miserable afternoon. I ordered the Linguine Vongole, or linguine with clams. I love the white versus the red, plus the red is more noticeable if you stain yourself (or are prone to stains like I am). I got about 2 dozen little clams in this dish and they were perfectly seasoned and cooked. The linguine was al dente and the sauce was delectable!

Dad is a slave to the Calamari Fra Diablo, which is calamari with a spicy marinara sauce. Calamari can be a pain to order because if its not cooked right it can be chewy or rubbery and totally rob you of a truly delightful foodgasm. As is the custom in the Food Snob family, we share bites of each others food. I tasted a piece of calamari and made a note to try it next time I came back. It had a lovely bite to it and was amazingly fresh; as if it was caught in the morning and served at lunch. Dad cleaned his plate (so did I) and commented that it was a very good dish and he would go to Da Nico’s for his future Fra Diablo cravings. (duly noted pops!)

With every meal, one is served zepoles afterwards. fresh, warm, crunchy, sugary zepoles (or fried dough with sugar) to seal the deal. It was really good!
The price was definitely right at Da Nico’s at lunchtime (not dinner time). Our total was $25. For the dining experience and amount of food we got I thought that was an Affordable meal!
Worth every penny. Are we going back? HELL YEAH! and next time, Mom is coming along!