My Mickey Girl. I have looked forward to the cooking adventures I would have concocting little treats for her. I saved so many recipes that were K-9 friendly and when I started to try them out on her I was slightly disappointed.
My dog does not like Human food.
If you eat in front of her, she looks at you but she doesn’t beg. If you gave her a scrap she MIGHT eat it. But if you give her a dog dish filled with boiled pasta and grilled chicken sprinkled with kibble, she spits out everything but the kibble! Blasphemy! LOL.
She loves to sleep when she’s not eating. And she uses her plush toys as pillows. My dog acts human… sometimes its a lil eerie.

Caught her snuggling her cow. I couldnt resist this photo, mostly due to the fact that she looks like I caught her doing something odd. LOL.
Mickey loves her kibble drizzled with a little bit of gravy (dog food gravy).
Probably the first dog I ever met that will not eat people food.
So… THE DOG DISH will just be a place to air cute pics of my dog- whether you like it or not.