Yes. Popped Cheese.
In the recent past I have had the pleasure of trying Pop Chips and fell madly in love with the healthy snack that tastes like its bad for me (but isn’t!) and started a search for other snacks that I love to find a healthier variety.
Which brought me to Popped Cheese. I am a huge cheese lover. I dont discriminate, I love it all and when I browsed this company I thought the product looked really promising. I even got excited when I saw it was made with Wisconsin Cheddar… MMMM!
I got three bags to try. Butter, Low Salt, and original. I love how the pacakaging looks like popcorn container from the movies. The label even says “Don’t eat popcorn, eat popped cheese”. Notice how Mickey, who has NO intentions of eating this, sits closely as if she were reviewing the product too.

I didnt realize it was a carb friendly – I usually dislike carb friendly snacks because I find them to be high in fat and low in FLAVOR. The stats for this snack are pretty crappy. 5 pieces of popped cheese for almost 7 grams of fat?! jeeeez! thats not cool man.

And this is how much was in ONE bag! ONE BAG! One bag has 3 servings in it. So folks, feast your eyes on 15 pieces of popped cheese! Now, i know that regular cheese is up there in fat and calories but you can savor pieces of cheese. One can take a big bite or a little bite and really enjoy the cheese. But these are crunchy and kind of taste like greasy stale cheese puffs. And the pieces resemble “noses”. That was gross. After the first bite, I am sorry to say I tossed this bag. It left a chalky and gritty texture in my mouth and I thought it kind of tasted like cheese. It was disappointing.

I wouldn’t buy this product. I wouldn’t crush it and coat it on chicken.
if some of you are on a low carb diet and appreciate a low carb snack… you MIGHT like this. But this is one of those things that doesnt get my seal of approval.
Sorry Just The Cheese, this snack is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.