On Wednesday morning, on my way to work, I sneezed. I sneezed so hard that I threw my back out. Yes, this is possible. I felt immense discomfort in my lower back where I previously injured myself in January when I slipped down some stairs. I figured the pain would go away and I took deep breaths and walked to work.
I came in to have my steel cut oats, banana and a Venti Misto. Aside from the pain, I was pretty relaxed today because Mickey was being Spayed.
Some of my colleagues presented me with a lovely card and a delicious bar of truffle cake chocolate (i snuck a piece and it was really yummy)
My momma sent me something yummy from the popcorn factory. i LOVED the design on this tin! Usually when its empty I use it to store plastic bags, oatmeal packets, or snack bars.
She sent me the popcorn variety! I love the cheddar and the caramel!
Unfortunately, my back pain was unbearable by the afternoon. I couldn’t sit for long nor could I stand. I was getting sharp pains in my back and it was traveling down my left leg and up my left shoulder. So i went home to carefully crawl into bed. (its now saturday as I type this and Im still in some pain…hopefully will be back to normal soon)
Well… Mickey came back home on Wednesday night. She was so out of it. poor thing didn’t know what to do with herself with that stupid cone on her head. She desperately wanted to lay down but didnt know how. She loves her dog house but didnt fit inside.
Until I gave her a little bit of help. Its her little safe haven. And after some yelping in the middle of the night (from both of us in pain)…
Henry put her in the bed with us and I caught her loving on my pooh Bear. But she gets a freebie since shes sickie.