Yesterday, I went on a double date with mom, dad, and Henry. We planned to have an early dinner followed by a play in Times Square. To get ready for my night on the town I had to make sure one little miss Mickey got her exercise and was too tired to start trouble (not that she ever would : P)
It was really warm outside and my poor baby was so exhausted from our walk that she actually laid down to drink from her water bowl. Poor thing!
I said good night to Mickey and headed to brooklyn to meet mom and dad at Sakura in Greenpoint.
Sakura is a Japanese restaurant and my parents love this place because they give free sake with dinner. ((((SAKE))))

Henry ordered a batter-fried chicken with eggs, rice and vegetables. Along with a piece of yellow tail sushi. His dish reminded me of the Korean Clay bowl with rice… Bibi something. :-)this was good and the egg was kind of sweet. The chicken was yummy.

My father and I ordered te Sushi Deluxe. It was a crunchy spicy tuna roll with 10 pieces of assorted sushi. It was sooo good. I always save the salmon for last. It is by far my favorite fish ever. The downside to doing this is by the time I get to that piece I am ready to explode. I gave one of them to mom.

But she let me have a piece of her fish. Shes not a big sushi lover like me and daddy-o. But it was nice to be able to pick out of everyones dish!

We stopped over at Juniors for A slice of cheesecake because Henry had never had a Juniors Cheesecake (poor guy) and he was in heaven. two blocks over was our venue. In the Heights. I was looking forward to it because I havent been out for a looooong time!

What great seats we had! The show was phenominal! I highly reccomend it! There are a lot of spanish isms that brought me back to when I used to hang out on the block. I never lived in the heights but every neighborhood has its barrio.