Happy Monday. My back, aside from some soreness, is finally feeling better! And I was excited to be able to pack lunch for the day.
For breakfast I thought I would change it up a bit and have some eggs and “sausage”. My experience with the Light Life sausages was great and I thought adding it to my leftover goat cheese frittata would come out very tasty. So today I had a “sausage” link with 2 eggs and a lil goat cheese.

I had one more product from Light Life to try and that was their Chick’n Tenders. I have mentioned before that I am not too crazy about fake meats because they have funny tastes… so I was, once again, treading lightly.

My initial reaction to opening the package was how much these looked like actual chicken tenders. So appearance? Check.
It smells good! It doesnt smell like fake chicken. It actual smells like it will taste good.
The package said the stovetop is the best method… so i used my grill pan.
I cooked them through about 3 mins on each side.

I gave one a tiny bite.
Taste? Pretty good.
I wouldnt say these taste exactly like chicken but if you put it in a salad or sandwich you wouldnt be disappointed.
I sliced these up and put them over a salad with goat cheese. A dollop of ranch dressing ought to make this salad a big protein packed hit!