I am so damn tired of those Vegan Grillers that look like hamburgers but can sometimes taste like dog food, which is what brought me to try the Dr. Praeger’s brand of veggie burgers.
My first veggie burger experience was when I was 16 and went to have lunch with my parents at a restaurant in Lower Manhattan called Naturally Delicious. It was a patty that was LOADED with veggies and you could see the CHUNKS of veggies in it. That was the only kind of veggie burger my mother would eat and I dont mind the others out there but you gotta love something thats natural tasting and delicious! When I saw these, I had to have them!
I started with the California burger. Its kind of green but colors dont bother me.

It was loaded with broccoli. MMM. I grilled it up on my grill pan (pretty much the only pan I use at home) and toasted an english muffin to enjoy it on.

After one failed veggie burger, the 2nd one was a big success. The first one crumbled when i flipped it over. So the downside to these burgers is that they dont stick together all taht well. I cant get mad though, the burger mush tasted just as good as the prettier one… I love love love these burgers! If you are looking for a veggie burger that is tasty and wont repeat on you the way the Vegan grillers do, check these out! I got mine at Trader Joes. So damn good!
Next one I’m trying is the Tex Mex, but I hear the BomBay one is a goodie!