Hey ya’ll! Boy, is it hot today!
I woke up with itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a sore thoat. The culprit: TREES! I am allergic to tree pollen…and grass pollen but mostly tree pollen. Where do I live? Surrounded by trees. Where do i walk my dog? In Forest Park. FOR-EST = TREES.
Is the allergy medicine working? hell no.
So my itchy runny sneezy self seeks comfort.
last night i remembered a european chocolate yogurt someone gave me from trader joes and i loved it. I had some plain yogurt in the fridge and chocolate syrup…
I mixed it all together.And created my chocolate yogurt. I used the plain yogurt because of all the sweetness from the chocolate. It wasnt too sweet and definitely satisfied a sweet tooth. However, i ate with my eyes and there is more than half of this bowl sitting in my fridge right now (but at least its healthy).I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning on a mission for iced coffee (as I sip my 2nd iced coffee of the day) and saw in the window that they have a new sammie. Egg white and cheese on an english muffin. I used to order that (back when i was rich) every morning from the deli before work. It was a great deal and it was pretty damn tasty. I shall be ordering it again.

Yesterday, i raved about my Dr. Praeger Burgers and I made one for todays lunch. This is a shot from last nights dinner but I made two, one for dinner and one for lunch. I added goat cheese to the mix and it was fantabulous. Alongside these babies are some BBQ popchips. I wanted polenta fries but didnt feel like slicing, grilling, waiting, etc. Chips did a good job! At lunch though, I munched on carrot sticks.

For dessert, I indulged in a square of my truffle cake chocolate bar. This was a great gift from my coworkers. One square is rich and delicious and is a total treat. I am almost done with the bar and am savoring every last bit.

And around 3 pm i was craving some yogurt and granola….so I had some! It was supposed to be my breakfast but that egg white and cheese sammie sounded more appealing. I used plain fat free greek yogurt, honey and a crumbled granola bar and had a party in my tummy. Sometimes (i said SOMETIMES), you have to listen to what your body is craving -it will prevent you from going overboard.
I dont have any plans for dinner but think I might open up my new Dr. Praegers TEX MEX burgers to bring for lunch tomorrow!