I was in the mood for cereal. I am addicted to cereal and recently made a change from cows milk to Almond Milk. The cows milk was making me sick – i was not enjoying my cereal the way i used to… so with the recommendation of several friends I switched to Almond milk. And I can happily say that i love it and found a whole new love for cereal!

Which is what brought me to My Way Cereal. These days its important to get what you want…not everyone has the same dietary needs and restrictions so being able to pick and choose whats in your cereal is a great idea! i was immediately sold by the concept.

When asked what kind of cereal I wanted I chose the mix of Organic Honey Corn Flakes, Dried Cranberries, Cacao nibs, and sliced almonds. This mix most reminded me of the kinds of cereal I would create for myself while on the Flat Belly Diet.

I got my almond milk, bowl and cerel ready. The cereal came in a nice conatiner that i will be reusing to mix and match my own cereal. The honey flakes were crisp and fresh.
There were lots of goodies in every bite. I especialy enjoyed the crunch from the cacao nibs. This was a great mix! I really really loved it. I even tried some of this mix in some yogurt and it was also very good. The people over at MY WAY CEREAL really appreciate my mix and have offered my readers a discount if you feel compelled to order. If you want to place an order with MY WAY CEREAL, use the code FOODSNOB upon checkout to get 10% off your order!

After my cereal, I decided to make the next Dr. Praeger flavor: Tex Mex. I have mentioned before that I love these veggies burgers because you can see the actual veggies they are made of and taste great.

The tex mex smelled a little spicy so I thought of the perfect condiment to go with this burger.

My Better than Fred’s Salsa! Better than Freds, a while back, sent me an awesome care package of chips and so much salsa! i haven’t had the opportunity to try all of the salsas they provided but nows as good a time as any to tell you how good the salsa is. The range was from Mild to Spicy and came with some Peach salsa and a caribean salsa. I havent tried the peach or the carribean but I have tried the others and I have to tell you that these were so good! For that first week I put salsa on everything from breakfast to dinner! its a quality product! I have never had Freds salsa but I haven’t met a salsa I didnt like yet!
After all the prep I went through making lunch for myself today, I decided last minute to get Chinese instead from Big Wong King on Mott Street.

Roast Pork and white rice. $4 for the whole thing. The pork was moist and flavorful. Much better than a silly veggie burger. But I will have the veggie burger when im good and ready for it- and of course i will let ya’ll know how much I loves it.