A few or so ago, Mom on the Run was at my house and i got a package. I wasn’t expecting a package so I had no idea what was inside. Since getting Mickey, I have slacked off on a few blog-ligations and hope that once I get back on schedule I can have new and exciting reviews. I was surprised to see several bars from Omega Smart and a fantastic letter from them… so maybe I did contact someone a while ago?
Anyway, I gave one to Mom on the Run and put the rest in my snack closet. It dawned on me that i had yet to try them so i called Sarah and asked her what she thought of the ACAI Berry one I gave her and she said it was “really good”.
So, My goal was to try them.
Yesterday, I grabbed the banana chocolate chip bar on the way to work and ate it before I went home for the day as sort of an appetizer. I was suspicious of a package that had:
2,000 mg Omega 3’s, NO Wheat, NO Gluten, NO Egg, NO Dairy, NO Casein, NO Cholesterol, RICH in Antioxidants, LOW Glycemic, NO Refined Sugars, NO Trans Fats, NO Protein Isolates…. whats next? No Flavor? NO! On the contrary! These little babies are delicious. And I have tried two flavors that I didnt think were going to be satisfying.
In the pic above, I tried the banana chocoalte chip. The texture was that of a dense cake. The flavors tasted all natural and came in a great size.

This morning on my walk with Mickey, I grabbed the Wild Bluberry bar. When I opened it got a strong whiff of oranges and blueberries!

Same dense cake-like texture. Different flavor but still raking in high points in the taste department. I loved it.

So, I cant wait to try my other flavors and because they are packed with so much yumminess, they will be coming with me on my walks with Mickey in the morning.
I would definitely buy these bars again. They are natural, made with wholesome ingredients, organic, and truly delicious!
If you would like to order some Omega Smart Bars, you can do so online by clicking here.