Yesterday we took Mickey to the vet. It was her first time at the vet since we adopted her. I suspected that she had kennel cough so when we told the receptionist that Mickey might have kennel cough, they said we had to leave so as not to contaminate other dogs. I felt like Mickey had the plague! so we retreated to Henry’s truck where we waited.

“Is it time to see the doctor yet?” No, go back to sleep.

Done. Mickey slept for 1 and a half hours before the doctor called us in to see her. $100 later, she has an ear infection, kennel cough, and a shopping list of medicine to start. Henry drove downtown to S’mac for some good ol mac and cheese. i didnt take pics of it because we were starving but I customized my mac with whole wheat pasta, gruyere cheese, parmesean, bacon and mushrooms- soo good. Henry got the Buffalo Chicken mac.
Its super soggy in NYC. I hate rainy days. It makes Walking Mickey seem so mundane. She doesnt seem to mind the rain ( i beleive because shes a hunting dog) and when we get back she thinks getting dried off means its time to play and bark really loudly (at 7am). When I got to work, I did not want the oatmeal that I packed (although it might have made me feel better). So I ran to Dunkin Donuts and grabbed an egg white and cheese on an english muffin and a coffee.

For lunch today I thought I would kick it old school and have some good ol peanut butter and jelly. But to make it a lil more exciting, I used some chunky peanut butter!

I measured out my peanut butter and jelly becuase its so easy to pile it on when you have no concept of how much you are using. So behold! 2 tbsp peanut butter and a 1 tbsp jelly.

To accompany this sammie, I will be munching on some dark chocolate covered pretzel flats that i found at Trader Joes! What a yummy find.

I toasted some sandwich thins and ate the sammie open faced. Not pictured: a glass of Vanilla Almond Milk.
For dinner tonight, I might make some Fake out LoMein. yum. Because I forgot to defrost the chicken. 😛