Why is it that when you say you are on a diet ALL OF A SUDDEN yummy food pops up EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere!

A coworker had a party and had leftover Banana Nut Cupcakes- so what does she do? Well, she brings them in of course and puts them right in front of me. So I took one and offered to split it with someone. At least I didnt feel too guilty eating some of it.

It was moist in the center and had a delicious, light and fluffy frosting. It would have been a sin to throw away such a treat. I did without the stale M&Ms and Sour patch kid. (who puts sour patch kids on cupcakes for adults anyway?)
And since I had half a cupcake before 10 am I decided to keep it light and have a vita top with my Grande Skim Cafe Misto. It was lurvely (thats how Cher would say it)
But then at 11 I was STARVING and it was way too early to have lunch so i heated up my steelies. I love steel cut oats. I sprinkled some brown sugar on top and threw in a handful of roasted nuts and dried cranberries. This really hit the spot. I am uber stuffed now.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I will be having a tex Mex veggie burger from the wonderful Dr. Praeger! NOM! I ran out of bread (and cant wait to get my first order from Fresh Direct tonight)…

So I paired this with some polenta that I had lying around and topped it with sauteed onions and peppers. Kind of like a Garbage plate if you will of just random things… but i gave it a taste and was really pleased.
Since getting mickey, I have mentioned before that i have been slacking in the kitchen, Henry got on my case about this and said I need to reward myself with some kitchen time. I thought he was right so last night I made my dinner for today (since it took like an hour to cook). I took a defrosted leg and thigh and seasoned it with Mrs. Dash Garlic and herb Seasoning.
I broiled the Chicken on High for 30 minutes on each side. I noticed that Mickey was being really quiet so when I took a peek at her I was shocked to see what she had done. She took her toys and blanket and scattered them all over the apartment and I caught her as she was trying to move her bed out into the living room while pulling the stuffing out of it. When she saw me, she sat on the bed huffing puffing. I guess she wanted to move the bed closer to the kitchen? silly dog. I almost burned some of the polenta. But I used half for lunch and the other half will be for dinner.