Okay, I confess! I didnt eat the lunch that I packed yesterday. On my way back from the Chiropractor, I saw a line behind a halal cart on Wall Street. No biggie, just people getting lunch. But it was pouring, and I thought – people are waiting in line in the rain for this food, its got to be good. So, I walked a lil closer and saw the sign. LAMB/CHICKEN GYRO -$3.
What? Must be the nasty stuff.
I walked by and saw the dude shaving the lamb off the groovy rack. A gyro rack? in a truck? for $3? Lets do this.
I ordered the lamb Gyro with the white sauce and lettuce and tomato. THREE BUCKS. Nice. When I got to my desk I unwrapped the yummy smelling gyro and was a little disappointed becuase it was kind of on the scrawny side. I’m not being a big or anything but gyros are meaty and messy, this one was manageable. I will say that the grease was a bit much but after some blotting i was ready to sink my teeth into it. The bread was fresh. I loved it. The lamb was tasty and even had some brown bits when the dude cooked it up for me – liked it alot! and the sauce – I dont think it was gyro sauce but whatever it was, was pretty damn tasty. Would I get this again? Times are tough and when $3 buys you lunch- I saw go for it. I wouldnt eat this everyday but in the event that Im low on funds and without lunch, you better beleive that Im taking a trip to this guy for street meat.

In honor of Cinco De Mayo… I HAD to have a margarita. And the people at Zilch know that I hate drinking my calories (because obviously i save my calories for greasy street gyros) and they sent me some 0 calorie margarita loving just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

I took Mickey with me to the liquor store and picked out a bottle that I was told was smooth and NOTHING like Cuervo- good! Cuervo is gross.

All I needed to make my guiltless margarita was a packet of Zilch, one jigger of tequila and a lil water. I mixed it up accordingly and served it in my fancy stemless margarita-ware from Crate and Barrel (thanks Elvin!)

It was delicious and did not have that cuervo burn that I hate from Tequila. The verdict: cant wait to have another one tonight!
I love that I can take the packets with me to resturants or to parties and not have the classic high calorie margarita but my own low cal version instead.
Zilch is a great product! And its super affordable! 10 packets of mix for $4.99! you can’t beat that!
Henry wants Mexican food for dinner tonight but I already cooked, any bets that I ditch my chicken and let him bring home fajitas?