I have to admit, I was feeling really dry without groceries which left me with hardly any bloggy material. Sometimes we hit dry spells ya know.
I was super busy and needed to get groceries ASAP.
Fresh Direct to the rescue. I honestly thought about giving Fresh Direct a try for a while now and the only thing that stopped me were the prices. They are few sale items at fresh direct so if you like to shop sales (like me) than this might make you tear up a little bit. My fridge was empty, I had no staples to make a normal dinner and I was running out of creativity. So $75 later, I had 3 boxes of groceries delivered to me. When I opened the box, I did not regret my decision. For one, I needed a lot of groceries as I havent been shopping in 3 weeks (eep!)and two, I got the most fresh items I have ever seen. Have you ever seen milk with an expiration date two weeks from the purchase date? I know I haven’t! and I was impressed. All my groceries were the freshest and nicely packed. Well Done Fresh Direct– we will do business again soon!

So now that I have fresh milk, i made some iced coffee! I have been buying my coffee these last few weeks and i can honestly say, ain’t no coffee like the kind I make in my Keurig!
AH, Good stuff right there.

And now that I have groceries, i can make breakfast and lunch again! I got some granola, fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt. I am in the mood for a parfait of sorts.

You can always tell when strawberries are going to be really sweet. Its their smell and their color. Deep red is ripe and sweet . Dark Red is over ripe and really sweet (my bro loves those) and just red is a lil blah. As you can see these strawberries weren’t as sweet as I was expecting them to be…But I learned a little trick. After I sliced my strawberries for, I sprinkled them with a packet of splenda ( you can use regular sugar if splenda makes you gag) but the sugar brings out the fruits sweetness. So now regular strawberries are super sweet!

I have been eating a lot of greek yogurt lately so i forgot that when i poured my dannon light into my bowl today that it would lack the consistency of the greek stuff… so I need to get some greek yogurt asap. Breakfast was great! It was awesome to have a fresh breakfast for a change.
I also got a great deal on a deli meats on Fresh Direct. So i set up a sandwich station.
Arnolds Whole Wheat Sandwich thins, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Muenster Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, dijon mustard and light mayo.
The lettuce from Fresh Direct is so fresh! I only used two leaves and they were monstrous. I had to trim the edges (which made a really nice snack LOL)

I paired the sammie up with a bag of sea salt and vinegar pop chips. I love love love me some pop chips.
Dinner is up in the air but i might make a nice big salad since I have 2 big heads of romaine in my fridge… or use up some bulkogi that is in my freezer.