I’m a snacker.
I love to snack whether its sweet or salty, or both or whatever. I think a well balanced diet leaves room for some smart snacking throughout the day to avoid over indulgence.
I reached out to the people at House of Jerky to lend a hand in my snackiness. And they came through! I got Turkey Jerky, Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky, and some Pepper beef Jerky. I am happy to report that I have tried both of the beefs and am soooo madly in love with this stuff that Im posting before I try the turkey – yeah, because I have that much faith in it!
I first tried the sweet and spicy variety on my way out before a long walk. It was mid day and I didnt want to have lunch. Jerky is packed with protein and is low on the calories – so you feel like your cheating but you’re not.

Each ziploc bag comes with 4 oz of jerky and the calorie servings suggest one ounce per serving. One ounce was good enough for me. Be warned though, if you dont take a piece and put the bag far away from you, you run the risk of eating the WHOLE thing.

The sweet and spicy was just that. At first bite it was sweet and smoky like a terriyaki jerky of sorts, then a nice spicy taste rolls off of your tongue. Its quite pleasant and it got Mickey’s nose going. She might not like my cooking but I suspect this dog might eat some jerky. Dont worry- i didnt give her any, this stuff is made with garlic which is a no no for doggies.
Today I just finished the Pepper Beef Jerky. I made the mistake of bringing the whole 4 oz with me. And one, 1 oz serving of pepper beef jerky is 73 cals, 1 gram of fat and 310g sodium… i ate 2.5 servings and gave the rest to coworkers. it was so delicious. It reminded me of a sausage and cheese plate. The beef was smoky, peppery and was thinly sliced which eliminated the embarassing tugging of the jerky when its too thick to bite or the long winded chew from the slab of jerky you couldnt bite off.
Yes people, if you like jerky and trust my opinion, get you some jerky from house of jerky.