So yesterday was really busy and today Im catching up.

When I got to work yesterday, I had expected to have my yogurt, with all the sweet fixings and when i opened my lunch bag I realized there were only two things in there:

A vitatop and an iced coffee. Brilliant. So I munched on that and was amazed at the quality of the cranberries in the muffin!

….. but I was still hungry so I went to starbucks and ate with my eyes. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and an orange juice. I usually hate orange juice but I really enjoyed drinking a juice that I crave! It was refreshing and didnt have the thick consistency of, say tropicana. Odwalla juices are the best!

When i got home last night, I got busy making the Meat Free dish for the Healthy delicious blog and was surprised to see Henry who gave me a present:Thats a HUNK of Pan De Colombiano or Colombian Bread. Its flaky and buttery like a Croissant and has cheese baked into the crust and a cheesy center. its best served warm and dunked into a mug of cafe con leche. Thanks Henry! that should last me for a while…

Today is the usual: Iced Coffee…

And vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola…with a few raisins. Good stuff.

For lunch I will be having a roast beef and smoked mozz sammie! yum!