My allergies are kicking my butt but at least it ain’t raining!
I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day. I went to see my grannie because mom and dad are living it up somewhere on the caribbean.
For breakfast today, I had a deconstructed parfait. It started when a handful of granola before i put it in my yogurt turned into consuming the whole bag… so then i ate the strawberries… and then the yogurt. it felt like a lot of food so i might try this deconstructed thing another day.

Then I snacked on this vita muffin with my tea mid-morning…

Then someone brought over a flour-less chocolate cake and a butter cookie. So, naturally I ate it… it was good.

And taking the lazy route for lunch.. i heated up a frozen entree. I nearly forgot to photograph it because it was so damn yummy. Then my supervisor threw these on my desk and claimed he got chips with his panini and he didnt ask for them…dammit. I ate those too. They were too salty.
I intend to eat this later…. if i dont explode that is.

And dinner tonight, will be light… a sandwich of roast beef, smoked mozz and mustard. (i ate one yesterday for dinner too!) or i might have cereal… its up in the air.
Hope you all had a happy mothers day.