I have been MIA for a week! EEEP!
Sorry gang. I have been eating – dont you worry but I have been super busy. Work is crazy, my dog is crazy, and now my roommate is crazy – he’s moving out – so i needs a roommate.
I need a mental break and I love blogging so i hope that you enjoy the posts as they come. My brain is mush and the fact that I can write these and you can read them… well, its just a friggin miracle. LOL.
So the minute I got to work, I took out some iced coffee (home brewed) and paired it with a mini fat free muffin that I got from my Grannie. I loved this muffin. It was a good size and had a fluffy and moist texture with a lovely blueberry flavor…none of that sweetener aftertaste. YUM!
But that wasn’t really enough to be considered a breakfast… so I had some sweetened strawberries, Dannon Vanilla light and fit and one serving of Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereal.
I ran out of granola recently which is why i used the cereal. It was a nice replacement. It did the job of holding me over until lunch wonderfully. The cereal was crunchy and had a light dusting of cinnamon on top-really good. Right now I am munching on a veggie burger with some of Kays protein chips – parmesean flavor. The veggie burger never disappoints and i added some pepper jack cheese for a kick. And I ate the burger with an arnolds sandwich thin. I swear the sandwich thin is the best thing that happened to sandwiches since the 1 point whole wheat wrap from Weight Watchers.

I ate the chips, and I thought they were okay. They definitely have a crispy thing going on which is great for when you need something to munch on but the flavor is very mild. You kind of have to put 3 in your mouth to get some parm cheese flavs in your mouth…I like the cereal a Lot better.

For my snack attack, I will employ the delicious sweetness from my perfectly picked Navel Orange that I ordered from Fresh Direct. YUM.

My new dinner time savior is the Rotisserie chicken available at hte grocery store by my apartment. When I get out of work, I buy a rotisserie chicken and can have lunch and dinner for two days straight! its always moist and falling right off of the bone. I used the drippings to make gravy for Mickeys Dry food (which she gobbles up in seconds) and sometimes grate a piece of chicken breast onto her food. Dinner tonight is a rotisserie chicken breast atop a bed of mixed greens and a drizzle of Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing… which is so freaking yummy!
I will accompany this light meal with a glass of Lambic’s Framboise beer which tastes like a sparking sangria.