Yesterday, I was running late to work because a certain lil dog didn’t want to “go” when she was supposed to leaving me to run out with my iced coffee. So I trekked to Starbucks and ordered what I thought was an iced Venti Cafe Con Leche, sweetened.
Barista: “Ugh, we dont serve that.”
Me: “What?”
Barista: “Well, we do… buts its not Cafe Con Leche anymore… Its now Iced Coffee with Milk.”
Me: (EYE ROLL)”O-Kay, Can I please have one of those?”
Barista: “Sure, they changed the name because people shouldn’t have to learn two languages to order coffee.”
Me: “Really? So how do you explain the size lingo?”
Barista: (BLINK)
*I used to work at Starbucks- i hope i wasnt ever that stupid and petty…i probably was but at least that petty part of my life is O-V-A… Ova*

Anyway, after yesterday’s enlightening conversation I decided I needed to make my own iced coffee… and after Kaitlin… AKA Lesbo asked me how I made my iced coffee I thought I would post it so others can peep it.
I will be using my roommates awesome Keurig (which I will miss when he moves out) with the reussable K-cup for some Cafe Bustelo. The Keurig brews one cup at a time and you can pick from 4 strengths and sizes. For this iced coffee, I am choosing a 6 oz brew (or double strength) to acheive a well balanced and un-watery cup of coffee.
I start with 8 oz of cold milk in my bottle with 3 tsp of sugar.

Then I brew the coffee.

I let the coffee sit for a minute and then pour it into the cold milk. Give it a stir.

Fill with ice to the top, seal bottle and shake (shaking is the best method, in my opinion). The shaking gives it a foamy layer on top and allows the coffee to aerate. By the time I get to work, the ice is melted and I have the perfect strength coffee! SLURP!