I missed the greek yogurt. I will use the last of my dannons to make brownies (a la no pudge style) yum.
Last night i prepped some yogurt in my lil cup and sprinkled it with some sugar since im all out of honey. Then i sliced some strawberries on top of it and let it sit overnight.
This morning, there was a lovely pink shade to my yogurt and the sugar really sweetened up the strawberries! I added granola when i was ready to eat. Boy did this fill me up. Seriously, how can anyone eat regular yogurt anymore? Greek Yogurt is the only way to go!

My buddy/coworker/neighbor asked if I wanted to grab lunch and eat in the park… Um, hello. Its 80 degrees. Damn right i want to eat outside. We both brought lunch but opted to leave the lunch in the fridge and go to Paulie’s on Baxter for a sandwich.

I got Oven Roasted Turkey with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo with some baked cheetos and a diet snapple. The sandiwch was fantastic. The roll was fresh and the innards were plentiful! The sandwich cost $4.50! in Manhattan- that be a steal! My lunch total was $8. Damn snapple.

When I got back from lunch i remembered that I tucked away in my bag an easter bunny that I got sent by Vosges. Its an Ancho-chile and cinnamon dark chocolate bunny. I bit the ears off becuase thats the easiest part to taste. This lil guy is amazingly rich and yummy. Its got the rich dark chocolate taste and has a lil smoky sensation going on with the after taste. LOVE in my TUMMY.

ha! I bit his ears off and then started saying “What was that?” “I can’t hear you”
yes, I’m five.