Its Saturday, (according to these pics) and I had a full day of “work”. Carol hired me, henry, Lauren, and Heather to help out with a debate competition and it was really interesting stuff! (Woo Hoo for Doug’s kids making it to the Semi-Finals)
But after a long day of itchy, sneezy, stuffiness (allergies times a million!) i packed up my box of tissues and Zyrtec that i was carrying around all day and met up with the group at a karaoke bar called Maxie’s. Junk food, Booze, and Karaoke- three ingredients for a fun night.
The crew: L-R, Lauren, Carol and Heather. Some others came along but they were part of Carol’s Posse.

I started the night with a Long Island iced tea…thinking I was a pro like last summer. But this baby must have had ambien in it. My eyelids got heavy…

And even more heavy after all the CRAP we ate. We started with some Nachos. YUM!

And HOT buffalo wings. Did you know that if you drink an alcoholic bev after eating something hot, your mouth will feel like its ON FIRE?!?! yes. I learned that the hardway and then remembered the episode of Food Detectives when they prooved that Milk is the antidote for spicy relief. Darn.

I ordered the Bacon cheeseburger.

Henry Ordered the buffalo chicken wrap. We both chose our two fav dishes and then ordered one of each so we could split. So i got half a burger and half a wrap and he got the same. Works like a charm when you cant decide on what you want.

This is heathers and I suck because I dont remember what she ordered. But Heather- it looks yummy! LOL.
My burger was greasy but yummy and I had a beer afterward then I looked at Lauren and Henry and announced I was ready for bed. I went to Laurens and passed out LOL.
carol, Sorry I never sang my rendition of Like A Virgin for you. I owe you one!