I’ve been away and havent been posting.
But I was taking pics like a good blogger.
Allow me to catch you up.
So Friday morning, I was excited because i was leaving for Albany to hang out with Carol, Lauren and Heather. I decided not to pack lunch because that would mean i had to clean up when i got home and there just wasnt enough time for that.
In the AM, I picked up a bagel and cream cheese with an iced coffee. I am realizing that this bagel with cream cheese business is getting a little too out of hand. What happened to yogurt Mo? I know! I was craving some serious carbs and I honored them – I think Starbucks bagels have crack in them. they taste better then ever these days.

Then at lunch I made the serious mistake of letting my nose decide what I was having for lunch. This ladies and gentleman is a street meat disaster. Its the classic “chicken and rice with white sauce and hot sauce” and it was as appetizing as it looks. Translation- hot, spicy, greasy mush. It was a gargantuate plate ($6) and was not very yummy. I used to love this cart near my office but his skills are seriously lacking these days. Mushy rice, dry almost bland chicken. limp lettuce and it was all DROWNING in sauces. My verdict: Cheap gagfest. Never again – unless is ML approved.

Feeling completely unsatisfied and HOT, i remembered there was a Yo Berry like right across the street from the office – SWEET! So I ordered the origninal tart yogurt with sweet raspberries and dark chocolate chips. I waited till i got back to the office before I snapped this pic so its a lil melted but it made for a lovely afternoon snack. I was getting yummy looks from everyone! This baby set me back $5. yiikes. But i enjoyed it. And it made up for hte crap lunch.