On our last day in Albany, Lauren and her Hubs, Shawn, wanted to have some lunch. When prompted what I was in the mood for i said “a beer sampler”. Lauren came up with Pump Station… which turned out to be my favorite thing (aside from hanging with my girls) in Albany.

Its literally an old pump station that makes their own brews.

So we ordered samples. HOW FUN! i seriously was so impressed with the sample which included 7 3 oz cups of their brews, for only $6.50. Impressive.

And we did do some damage on them glasses. We started to get them all mixed up and started losing track of our favorites. then i stole Laurens idea of moving the ones i didnt love to the back and the ones i liked to the front.

Henry and I split a cup of soup for an appetizer. It was a sausage chowder loaded with veggies and it was wonderful. I think Lauren is going to make a version of this so check her blog often for her culinary genius skillz.

Shawn got the Fillet Mignon with garlic mash and herb roasted veggies, I was seriously considering this but I was having a lot of beer and didnt want to pass out with a full belly and beer… So I went for the highly recommended sammie.

Henry and I were stuck again on what we wanted to order for lunch so we split lunches once again. I got the grilled rib eye with balsamic onions and mushrooms on a garlic roll and some crisp fries. The rib eye was med rare and perfect! the mushrooms and onions were a delicious compliment to the steak. I was glad I ordered this baby!

Henry got the pulled pork sammie which was on a soft roll. The pork was smoky and sweet and really wonderful to eat. I was glad i got to split that with Henry. If I had to choose which sandwich to eat next time…

I’d go for Lauren’s! She got the mediteranean wrap which had falafel, tabouleh, hummus, tzatziki sauce and a whole bunch of healthy crap. I was eyeing this wrap and opted out but instatly regretted it. It was a hearty wrap and according to Lauren, was pretty damn tasty. After my experience at Maoz last week, I felt bad i didnt give this baby a try….

But don’t worry! We had dessert to make up for it. Lauren got the warm bread pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. She let me get a bite- i have never had bread pudding before but this was yummy and cinnamony and nutmeggy and altogether freaking yummy.

Henry and I split a carrot cake. The frosting on this baby was spot on! Not too sweet and not too thick. I think it was whipped. we licked the plate clean.
After we finished all of our beers, Henry and I each chose our favorite and got to buy 2 liters of it in an awesome jug! I got somethign similar to Blue Moon, which Lauren will have to remind me of… and Henry got the summer ale.
Thank you Lauren for taking such lovely pics of hte jug! The jug is $27 and for a refill its $9.
Overall, Henry and I loved this place and even discussed taking trips to visit Lauren and heading to Pump Station – because its that good! and we love Lauren of course. and Beer.